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Human Rights

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Martin Flaherty  Paolo Galizzi  Tracy Higgins 
Chi Mgbako  Jacqueline Nolan-Haley  Catherine Powell

In recent years, the field of international human rights has emerged as an increasingly important area of legal study and practice. The study of international human rights examines the international legal frameworks that both define countries' obligations to protect the human rights of their own citizens and provide for the enforcement of those rights. As the world becomes more interconnected and threats to human rights more complex and diverse, knowledge about international legal norms and institutions has become critical to a full understanding of the ways in which the law restrains, obligates, and empowers states in their pursuit of political and economic ends. Thus, international human rights law is relevant to the practice areas as diverse as civil rights, immigration, employment and labor law, corporate transactions, international trade, and criminal law, among others.

The courses in this area fall into two categories, depending upon their level of generality. The first category includes the survey course in International Human Rights that is designed to give students an overview of the basic sources of international human rights including the United Nations Charter, the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights, among others. The second category of courses in international human rights includes the more specialized courses defined by geography or subtopic. For many of these courses, the basic human rights course is not a prerequisite; however, students will find it helpful to have taken the basic course first. In addition, students who are interested in pursuing a practice that includes international human rights work should take the basic course in public international law and a course in comparative law.

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