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Faculty Q&A

Q. Can I see which students have completed evaluations?
A. No, evaluations are anonymous. The names of individual students who have completed evaluations are not released to instructors.

Q. Why are there no comments on my evaluations?
A. The comments section is not required for students who complete an evaluation. It is possible no students provided feedback.

Q. When are results available?
A. Fordham Law policy prohibits anyone from seeing evaluation results until grades have been submitted for the semester.

Q. How do I access results?
A. Please go to and login with your My.Fordham account.   Note:  Evaluation results are released to professors after grades are submitted.

Q. How do I access results from previous semesters?
A.  Under "Course Evaluation Reports" you may access past evaluations ---"By Faculty", "By Section", and "Aggregate by Term".  Faculty can only view their own evaluations.