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Student Course Evaluations Q&A

Q. How do I access the course evaluations?
A. Please visit: and click on "Begin or Access Evaluations". Log in with your My.Fordham account. 


Q. Are course evaluation results anonymous?
A. Confidentiality is a core value of the course evaluation system. No individual is able to see ANY responses to an evaluation until grades have been submitted for the particular course. The system does not allow faculty members to connect ANY responses with an individual student, unless a student identifies him or herself in the written comments.


Q. What do professor view when they view my evaluations?
A. Faculty do NOT see students’ names, each student’s numerical data and comments are displayed as 1, 2, 3 etc. and professors do NOT have access to their evaluations until after they submit their grades.


Q. How do I submit an evaluation?
A. To submit an evaluation, please go to, click “Begin or Access Evaluations” and login using your My.Fordham account.  After logging in, your courses will be displayed.  Evaluate each course by clicking “Evaluate.” Please note once an evaluation is submitted you will not be allowed to change your responses.


Q. If my course has a co-teacher, will I evaluate both of my professors separately or together?
A. If you are in a course for which there are more than one professor, that course will appear once for each professor, so that you can evaluate them separately. Select each course for which you are registered, answer the questions, provide any written comments that you want for each question, and submit the evaluations. If you wish to omit any questions, you can do so.


Q. Why are some of my classes not listed?
A. Independent studies do not have to be evaluated.


Q. Do I have to complete evaluations?
A. Fordham Law strongly encourages students to offer their input but does not mandate that students complete evaluations.


Q. How do I access past course evaluations?
A. Under "Course Evaluation Reports" you may access past evaluations --- "By Faculty", "By Section", and "Aggregate by Term". Please note you may view numerical results (not comments).


Q. Why should I complete an evaluation?
A. Your Professors depend on constructive feedback from students when deciding whether and how to revise readings for the course or the type of assignments and pedagogical methods used in the course going forward. The faculty utilizes these evaluations in its hiring (in the case of visitors), reappointment, and promotion decisions. Your fellow students depend on the evaluations in making decisions about which courses to take. The more representative of the entire class the evaluations are, the more useful they are to current and future students.

Q. Who sees my responses?
A. After Faculty members submit their grades to the Registrar’s Office, the course evaluations will be provided to each instructor who is evaluated. Associate Dean for Academic Affairs and IT department are also granted access to evaluation results.