Public Media Drafting

This course will provide practical legal drafting opportunities by examining the intersection of not-for-profit and media law, through the presentation of real world fact patterns.  The course is designed to give students drafting and analytical experience in the area of “public media law” by exploring the issues faced by not-for-profit institutions (such as public television, radio, museums, libraries and universities) in the media context,   Topics and related drafting assignments will include the creation and funding of public media institutions; public media compliance with government regulatory schemes; corporate governance and tax exempt status issues faced by not-for-profit institutions; intellectual property rights ownership; indecency concerns in the public media context; and collaborations between public and for profit media players.  Field trips to media institutions based in New York City will take place as opportunities permit.  No prior knowledge of not-for-profit or media law is required or assumed.
Credits: 3

Type: SEM