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Registrar Chat Transcript, October 17, 2012, 2:00 - 4:00 PM

Registrar Chat Transcript, October 17, 2012, 2:00 - 4:00 PM

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[1:38 PM] room_monitor: This is the chat room for Fordham Law School Spring 2013 Registration.
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[1:47 PM] deanfoster: i'm here. Good afernoon.
[1:48 PM] deanfoster: Good afternoon :)
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[2:07 PM] deanfoster: hi. can i help you?
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[2:26 PM] deanfoster: Good afternoon! How can I help you?
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[2:43 PM] deanfoster: Hi, can I help anyone today?
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[2:44 PM] guest: can we take more than one of the trial advocacy based courses at once?
[2:44 PM] deanfoster: sure, if there is space.
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[2:45 PM] deanfoster: but these are courses where there is high demand and depending on your status (2L/3L, etc)
[2:46 PM] deanfoster: there may be a waitlist
[2:46 PM] deanfoster: but there is nothing in the academic rules to prevent you from signing up for two
[2:46 PM] eal: Hello.... I was told by a fellow student that the residence requirements have changed:
[2:46 PM] deanfoster: skills courses in one semester, o
[2:46 PM] eal: (SORRY)
[2:46 PM] guest: if classes are full before your registration time, can you join waitlists prior
[2:46 PM] guest: to your time
[2:46 PM] deanfoster: yes, they have. havae you read the regitrar question anad answer?
[2:47 PM] eal: YES I have -- they are silent now about the minimum days required for evening division stu
[2:47 PM] eal: dents'
[2:47 PM] deanfoster: have you read the Q & A on the Registrar site regarding residency rules?
[2:47 PM] deanfoster: there are no more minimum days required
[2:47 PM] eal: When did that go into effect?
[2:48 PM] deanfoster: the rules changed in April 2012 at the state level. our rules were changed effective this
[2:48 PM] deanfoster: academic year
[2:48 PM] eal: I wish I knew sooner!  i took a FIFTH class just to have one on Wednesdays --
[2:49 PM] eal: I commute NINETY MILES one way and the schedule is killing me
[2:49 PM] deanfoster: we were not given much notice either and had to go through a process to change our rules
[2:49 PM] deanfoster: this happened over the summer, after regisration.
[2:49 PM] eal: I am really struggling ; i would never have take the M-W class had I been aware
[2:49 PM] deanfoster: I apologize for
[2:49 PM] deanfoster: the inconvenience
[2:50 PM] deanfoster: well, there are still some requirements that may have kept your schedule full
[2:50 PM] deanfoster: but it is true that the new rules give you more flexibility
[2:51 PM] eal: I am glad to know it now. Thank you for confirming.
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[2:52 PM] guest: are there any downsides to waiting to do your writ req until 3L yr?
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[2:54 PM] deanfoster: no, except that the academic regulations require
[2:55 PM] deanfoster: that you complete the writing requirment in your penultimate semester
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[2:55 PM] deanfoster: that is, the semester before you graduated (fall)
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[2:55 PM] deanfoster: in most cases the fall (if you graduate in Spring) or Spring if you graudate in February
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[2:59 PM] guest5214: Does the "prof. respon.: ethics and corporate practice" satisfy the prof. respon. req?
[2:59 PM] deanfoster: yes. any course with the title "prof respon" satsifes the requirement
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[3:05 PM] deanfoster: Hi all. Can I help anyone at this time?
[3:06 PM] guest: if you receive pass/fail credits for being on a club, can you choose to not receive them
[3:07 PM] guest: in order to take more graded courses
[3:07 PM] guest: or choose to take only part of them?
[3:07 PM] deanfoster: i'm not sure I understand the question. is this a class or course for which you registered
[3:07 PM] deanfoster: and for which credit is granted
[3:07 PM] deanfoster: if so, it counts against your overall credit load--max of 16 if you are full time student
[3:08 PM] deanfoster: or do you mean journal credits?
[3:08 PM] deanfoster: whichever it is, you either have to take all of the credits or none
[3:08 PM] deanfoster: of those that are assigned for that course or activity
[3:08 PM] guest: do journal credits or credits from being on the board of groups count in the 16?
[3:08 PM] deanfoster: i guess you can elect not to take the credts--i.e. journal credit
[3:09 PM] deanfoster: yes
[3:09 PM] deanfoster: all credits count toward the maximum credit load limit
[3:09 PM] deanfoster: just like they all count toward the minimum 83 credits required to graduate
[3:09 PM] guest: do you have to actively choose to not take the credits or just sign up for full courses?
[3:10 PM] deanfoster: if it is the journal, you should let the managing editor know you don't want the credits
[3:10 PM] deanfoster: otherwise, s/he will submit a list of students for the credits and it will count
[3:10 PM] deanfoster: so you have to actively choose not to accept the credits.
[3:11 PM] deanfoster: plesae consult the associate registrar, vanessa garcia before you register
[3:11 PM] guest: how?
[3:11 PM] deanfoster: about the best way to free yourself to take the credits that you want
[3:13 PM] deanfoster: i'm not sure whether you are automaticlly entered into the registrattion system if you are
[3:14 PM] deanfoster: on the journal or moot court, e.g.; if so, then you have to select out of it.
[3:14 PM] deanfoster: but, again, do contact the regisrar's office before registration to make sure you can sign
[3:14 PM] deanfoster: up for the classes you want without being hindered by the co-curricular credit issue
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[3:25 PM] deanfoster: hi. can I help anyone?
[3:26 PM] guest: is there a way to know if certain courses get taught in the fall or just in the spring?
[3:26 PM] guest: may be easier to help decide between conflicting courses
[3:27 PM] deanfoster: are you talking about upper level courses?
[3:27 PM] guest: yes
[3:27 PM] deanfoster: not really. it depends on faculty availability.  but you can go to our course description
[3:28 PM] deanfoster: page on the "Curriulum" part of the website and it lists each course we teach
[3:28 PM] deanfoster: and lists when it was last taught over teh past couple of years
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[3:28 PM] deanfoster: this will give you a sense of whether a course is mainly offered in the fall or the spring
[3:29 PM] guest: great, thank you
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[3:30 PM] fordham2l: Are there any prerequisites for Investment Adviser and Hedge Fund Regulation
[3:32 PM] deanfoster: yes. if you consult the course description webpage--under Curriculum--on our website
[3:32 PM] deanfoster: you will see that the professor lists a number of prreqs for the course
[3:33 PM] deanfoster: that is, it lists that you must take one of a number of prereqs.
[3:34 PM] fordham2l: If I will be taking corporations the same semester, is that enough?
[3:34 PM] fordham2l: or securities regulation the same semester?
[3:34 PM] deanfoster: it says "pre-requisites" not "co-requisites"
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[3:35 PM] deanfoster: you should contact the professor directly to see if he will allow
[3:35 PM] deanfoster: you to take the course as a co-req
[3:35 PM] fordham2l: ok- looking at that page under intro to the deal-- the course is listed twice
[3:35 PM] fordham2l: one has a pre-req and the other doesn't- please clarify
[3:35 PM] deanfoster: introduction to the deal is taught by a number of profs
[3:36 PM] deanfoster: and there are different sections. they are not all the same
[3:36 PM] fordham2l: How am I supposed to know if the section I want to register for has a pre-req?
[3:37 PM] deanfoster: however, looking again at the two descriptions, we need to take the first one off of the s
[3:37 PM] deanfoster: website. ti is confusing.
[3:37 PM] deanfoster: go with the second description.
[3:37 PM] fordham2l: ok thank you for your help
[3:37 PM] deanfoster: which indicates that corps is a pre-req
[3:38 PM] deanfoster: and that is my understandin for all of the intro to the deal sesctions
[3:38 PM] deanfoster: you are welcome
[3:51 PM] deanfoster: can i help anyone before the chat room closes at 4pm?