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Graduation Audit

All students planning to graduate after either the Fall or Spring semester of the current academic year must complete a Graduation Audit Form in the Registrar's office by the end of the Fall semester of Graduation Year. On that form, you will be asked details about when and how you have satisfied the requirements for graduation. You will also be required to complete an online Graduation Application on my.fordham

Requirements for graduation include satisfactory completion of the following (for a complete list, consult the Student Handbook):

  • all first year required courses;
  • evening division students must complete Civil Procedure and Constitutional Law;
  • the course CORPORATIONS;
  • a course in Professional Responsibility listed as satisfying this requirement;
  • the upper class writing requirement
    (Note: Satisfaction of this requirement must be noted on your transcript with a grade of S for the "course" WRITING REQUIREMENT);
  • a Professional Skills course
  • a minimum of 83 credits;
  • the Residency Requirement set by the ABA and the New York State Court of appeals

Note further that the Registrar's Office must have on file an official transcript of your previous academic work.