Human Rights of the Child

The 1989 UN Convention on the Rights of the Child has had an enormous impact on States, institutions, national legislation and practice. Increasingly, administrative, judicial and political decisions are being taken as a direct or indirect consequence of the implementation of the Convention. It is against this background that this course aims to provide students with an overview of the international legal framework for the promotion and protection of children’s rights today. In this course, we shall interrogate both the theory and practice of children’s rights, starting with the question of whether children really should be treated as rights-holders and whether this approach is more effective than the alternatives. We will then examine the framework of rights reflected in the CRC through an exploration of its key legal concepts and themes. A discussion of implementation initiatives will be framed by a cultural critique of the CRC and its African cousin, the African Charter on the Rights and Welfare of the Child.

Class Schedule
The schedule for is as follows:

Thursday, March 22
Monday, March 26
Wednesday, March 28
Thursday, March 29
Monday April 2
Wednesday, April 4
Wednesday April 11
Thursday, April 12
Monday, April 16
Wednesday, April 18
Thursday, April 19
Monday, April 23
Wednesday, April 25
Thursday, April 27

Each Monday, we will meet from 9:30-11:50 and every Wednesday & Thursday from 9:00-10:20. The class will be held in a seminar room, 215 for each of these days. 

Credits: 2

Type: SEM