Fundamental Principles of New York Law

This course, created specifically for LL.M. students, introduces some of the most heavily-tested subjects on the New York Bar Examination.  This class focuses on substantive, fundamental principles from the perspective of the New York State Bar Examination in: Contract Law, Criminal Law, Evidence, Real Property, Torts, and New York Practice.  Students will also have an opportunity to learn and practice how to write an essay for the Bar Examination.  This course is designed to give LL.M. students an opportunity to begin learning principles for the Bar Examination as part of their academic curriculum.  Coordinated by LLM BAR EXAM, various specialized lecturers will teach the subject matters during the course.  The final grade is determined by a combination of grades on midterm and final examinations, assignments, attendance, and preparation for class.

This class is only open to LL.M. students and available in the fall semester only.

Credits: 2

Type: LEC