Professional Responsibility | Professor McShea

This course is an introduction to professional responsibility, also known as the law governing lawyers.  Principal topics are: the Attorney-Client Relationship (Confidentiality and Privilege, Agency, Fiduciary Duty, Loyalty & Diligence, Duty to Inform and Advise, Autonomy of Attorneys and Clients);  Conflicts of Interest (Concurrent, Successive, Personal, Imputed); Ethics in Advocacy and Transactional Work; Lawyers for Organizations (conflicts & confidentiality in entity representation); Control of Quality: Reducing the Likelihood of Professional Failure; Discipline and Bar Admission; and Free Speech Rights for Lawyers.  The course will be taught as a seminar and class participation is essential.  There will be 5 short papers assigned during the semester; no final exam.

LL.M.students may register only by permission from the LL.M. office.

Credits: 3

Type: LEC