Employment Law | Professor Rassas

Employment Law will examine the employment relationship—from the entry, through the exit and beyond—and will include coverage of the major federal statutes, regulations, and common law doctrines that impact that relationship. Issues tied to each phase of employment (hiring, managing and firing) will be discussed, and specific topics may include at-will employment; the legal definition of an employee versus an independent contractor; workplace harassment, compensation and leave policies, and other rights of working individuals (including such things as grooming and dress codes and the right to privacy as it relates to drug and medical testing and the regulation of off-duty conduct). The laws that govern health and welfare including compensation, retirement, and healthcare, as well as the post-employment obligations of both parties to the relationship may also be examined.
Although this course is distinct from a course that focuses solely on employment discrimination, a broad overview of Title VII which prohibits workplace discrimination based on race, color, religion, sex, genetics and national origin will be provided.  A study of this subject matter is critical because the prohibition of disparate treatment discrimination (which relates to intentional discrimination) and disparate impact discrimination (which relates to facially neutral policies and conduct that produce discriminatory results) are common threads that run through the entire subject area. 
Credits: 3 or 4

Type: LEC