Cybersecurity Law and Policy Workshop

This course will be a research and drafting workshop on cybersecurity law and policy.  The course will introduce students to the significant challenges that law enforcement and the private sector face in addressing cybersecurity issues while assuring public safety, economic interests and citizens' privacy.   The course will examine the need for public-private partnerships, where companies work with each other as well as with the government, and the lack of clear legal and procedural roadmaps to address growing threats.   As a workshop, the class will prepare a series of background papers for a policy-makers' conference to be hosted by the Fordham Center on Law and Information Policy.   The papers will set out the legal and policy frameworks associated with: (1) intra-corporate issues; (2) inter-companyissues; and (3) government issues.  
The workshop will have a limited enrollment of 15.  Enrollment by permission only.  Students must E-mail the professors and provide a statement of interest and CV, to the instructors for admission.
This course does not satisfy the writing requirement.  But substantial research and writing will be required.


Credits: 3