Introduction to the Deal

"This is a practice-oriented course focused on doing business deals.  It helps students learn how to identify, understand and resolve business and legal issues common to business transactions, such as an M&A deal, a joint venture agreement, or a public offering.  Among the topics covered are (i) how to draft a term sheet, (ii) how to translate a term sheet into contract provisions, (iii) how to use due diligence to identify relevant facts and issues, (iv) how to understand and draft financial covenants, (v) how to negotiate a deal, and (vi) how to understand and draft opinion letters when needed to facilitate a closing.  Some basic accounting terms and concepts are discussed as needed to understand the effects of financial covenants and of certain types of business decisions.  The course is conducted in part through exercises that illustrate common business problems, and in part through in-class role plays and lectures."
Credits: 3

Type: SEM

Does this course satisfy the skills requirement? Yes