Fordham Law

Copyright Reconsidered: Authorship in Historical Perspective

This course examines the long history of copyright in Europe and the U.S., based on the emerging understanding that the evolution of Copyright law -- and of conceptions of intellectual property -- have profound implications for the future of copyright in the digital age. The course will examine the potential for change in the law, and will provide students the background to help influence that change. Most particularly, it will focus on changing ideas of authorship in light of new means of producing music, new means of publishing online, and the array of new technological options that undermine conventional ideas of origination. The course does not take a position on where copyright should be going, but allows students to think through the options so that they can better join the debate.
Credits: 2

Type: SEM

Does this course satisfy the writing requirement? Yes

Does this course satisfy the skills requirement? No

Pre- or co-requisites: Copyright Law

Is this course open to LL.M. students? Yes