Venture Capital Law

This course examines the private equity marketplace from both a theoretical and a practical perspective and focuses on the interplay of the legal, business, economic and financial issues that need to be dealt with in the legal documentation that supports private equity transactions. This course has been designed to provide students having a fundamental knowledge of corporate law with a practical understanding of the private equity marketplace— the dynamics of (a) organizing and managing a private equity fund,  (b) organizing, structuring, financing, managing and exiting private equity-backed companies and (c) executing a buyout transaction. This course will cover a variety of issues that arise in the private equity life cycle and it will address the competing economic and financial issues that are played out among the cast of characters in what can best be described as an evolving legal and financial drama.

This course will include negotiating sessions organized to provide students with the opportunity to “represent” the various players in the private equity world—(a) fund sponsors vs. prospective limited partners, (b) companies vs. entrepreneurs and executives, (c) private equity funds vs. entrepreneurs and executives and (d) buyers vs. sellers of a business. In such a way, students will be exposed to the negotiating issues that are important to each group and they will “develop” the methodology for resolving competing views.

Credits: 2

Type: SEM