Legal Writing and Research

Training in analysis of legal problems, the legal process, legal writing, and legal research. This is a small-group required course that meets weekly for approximately twelve weeks in the fall semester and eight weeks in the spring. The fall semester focuses on objective writing (law office memoranda) and common law research, while the spring semester concentrates on advocacy writing (briefs) and oral argument skills. Although the number and length of the writing assignments are uniform for all writing sections, the content of the problems varies from professor to professor. Legal research sessions, which meet in a different time slot for six weeks in the fall semester, are conducted by lawyer-librarians on the law library staff. Students learn the process of legal research using basic primary and secondary sources in both print and electronic formats. The course also introduces students to the lawyering skills of interviewing and negotiating.
Credits: 2

Type: LEC

Additional information: This is a first-year course.