New York Practice

This class covers the basic rules of New York civil procedure under the New York Civil Practice Law and Rules, concentrating on commercial cases in Supreme Court. The class will be taught from the perspective of a commercial litigator in private practice. Among the topics covered are: the New York Court system; subject matter jurisdiction; venue; personal jurisdiction; pleadings; commencement of an action; service of process; appearance of the parties; bill of particulars; statutes of limitation; accelerated judgment (motions to dismiss, summary judgment, default); disclosure and discovery; pre-trial and calendar practice; joint & several liability and contribution; provisional remedies; appellate practice; special proceedings; sanctions, rules of conduct and legal ethics. This class will not cover evidence, trial practice, post-trial motions, or enforcement of judgments.
Credits: 3

Type: SEM

When is this course offered? Fall and Spring semesters