Trade Secret Law

This course will study the protection of what is often a company's most valuable asset, its confidential and proprietary business information that gives it a competitive advantage in the marketplace. Students will learn about the substantive law of trade secrets, as well as counsel's application of such principles to companies that are dependent upon their trade secrets to maintain a competitive edge. Course topics will include:
  1. the basic understanding of trade secret law;
  2. the identification of intellectual property suitable for trade secret protection;
  3. staff training and employee policies and agreements, as well as hiring and firing issues, as they relate to the protection of trade secrets;
  4. contracts with third party business partners who must be granted access to a company's trade secrets;
  5. enforceability of trade secrets through litigation and the defense of the same; and
  6. the relationship between trade secret law and unfair competition law, as well as other implied obligations in the law concerning the use of confidential and proprietary business information.
Credits: 2

Type: SEM