Criminal Litigation Drafting

This class will cover the essential drafting challenges from a simple criminal complaint, through investigation, onto trial. We will work with one fact pattern. The method will be interactive, open-ended. Each student will run his or her own case using the fact pattern, drafting various documents required at each step. With the aid of current and former prosecutors appearing as guest speakers, we will explore the fundamentals of a safe, persuasive drafting practice from both the defense and government perspective.

Important: A student may enroll in only one Advanced Legal Writing course each semester. Further, a student may not repeat any advanced Legal Writing course (all sections of Commercial Drafting and I.P. Drafting count as the same course). None of the drafting courses satisfies the writing requirement.

Credits: 3

Type: SEM

Does this course satisfy the writing requirement? No

Does this course satisfy the skills requirement? Yes

Does this course have a waitlist? No

When is this course offered? Fall and Spring semesters

Is this course open to LL.M. students? No

Additional information: A background in criminal law or procedure, though helpful, is not required.