Financial Institutions I

This course focuses on federal regulation of banking, particularly regulation aimed at keeping banks financially sound. It examines the evolution of U.S. banking; banks’ financial structure and special vulnerabilities; the process for forming or acquiring a bank; the businesses in which banks can and cannot engage; safety and soundness safeguards (e.g., net worth requirements); affiliations between banks and securities, insurance, and other firms; regulators’ authority to examine banks and take enforcement action against unsound practices; bank failure; deposit insurance; and systemic risk.
Credits: 3

Type: LEC

Does this course satisfy the writing requirement? No

Does this course satisfy the skills requirement? No

Enrollment Cap: 50

Does this course have a waitlist? No

When is this course offered? Fall semester only

Is this course open to LL.M. students? Yes

Do the credits of this course count toward the specialized program credits that students need for the Banking, Corporate & Finance Law LL.M. Program? Yes

LL.M. Notes: Core Course for Banking, Corporate and Finance Law