Bankruptcy Litigation

Litigation in Bankruptcy Cases deals with litigation in the context of bankruptcy and the Bankruptcy Code and Federal Rules of Bankruptcy Procedure. It will deal with an overview of litigation generally in the federal system including the Federal Rules of Civil Procedure, the bulk of which are applicable in bankruptcy litigation. Jurisdiction of the Bankruptcy Court and the appellate process from rulings by the Bankruptcy Court and the specific areas of litigation in bankruptcy will be discussed. This will include all proceedings whether or not begun by summons and complaint under the Federal Rules of Bankruptcy Procedure; all motions in the myriad areas where motion practice is the means of litigation; adversary proceedings under Part VII of the Bankruptcy Rules and the application to those kinds of proceedings of the Federal Rules of Civil Procedure. Emphasis will be basically on adversary proceedings by trustee to avoid voidable transfers, discharge and dischargeability of claims against debtors, actions to fix liens, etc. Some emphasis will be on non-adversary proceedings involving Chapter 11 plans and the confirmation process.
Credits: 2

Type: LEC

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Enrollment Cap: 20

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