Bankruptcy Law

The course includes the study of the 1978 Bankruptcy Reform Act and subsequent amendments, the controlling Bankruptcy Rules and leading cases which have construed this statute as well as its predecessor. The course is dealt with from the standpoint of the mechanics of a bankruptcy, a Chapter 11 and a Chapter 13 case, the rights of debtors, the rights of creditors, the duties and the discharge of such duties by a Trustee, the rights and remedies of a Trustee, the procedural and substantive chronology of a Chapter 11 case, and the jurisdiction of the bankruptcy court.
Credits: 3

Type: LEC

Does this course satisfy the writing requirement? No

Does this course satisfy the skills requirement? No

Is this course open to LL.M. students? Yes

Do the credits of this course count toward the specialized program credits that students need for the Banking, Corporate & Finance Law LL.M. Program? Yes