Clinical Externship: New York City Council

To earn credit, externs will participate in both 140 hours of fieldwork and a seminar which meets seven times during the semester.

Fieldwork (140 hours): City Council externs enjoy the opportunity to work directly with the lawyers who serve the City Council, NYC's legislature. Students will draft legislation, attend Council meetings and hearings, prepare background briefing papers for Council members, and participate in legislative/policy decisions by Council staff. Past participants have been successful in securing government employment, including a recent graduate appointed counsel to the Council's Government Affairs Committee.

Seminar (meets seven times): Students will study the relevant portions of the City Charter; analyze federal and state preemption doctrines with respect to the powers of the Council; have the opportunity to raise questions relating to their field work through cooperative analysis of their written work on behalf of the Council; and cooperatively analyze and revise their proposed legislation during these sessions.
Credits: 3 (Seminar 1, Fieldwork 2)

Type: CLN

When is this course offered? Fall and Spring semesters