Introduction to the Deal

This practice-oriented course introduces students to business and legal issues common to commercial transactions, whether an M&A deal, a license agreement, or a public offering. Among the topics covered are:
  1. how to translate a business deal into contract provisions,
  2. how to use due diligence to identify business and legal issues,
  3. how to understand and draft provisions with financial language,
  4. how to negotiate a business deal,
  5. corporate governance,
  6. opinion letters and
  7. closings.

The course is conducted through workshop exercises, in-class role plays, and lectures. This course is designed for students who are interested in working on business deals.

Credits: 3

Type: SEM

Does this course satisfy the skills requirement? Yes

When is this course offered? Fall and Spring semesters

Additional information: It helps to have taken, or to be taking concurrently, one or more other business-related courses (only Corporations is required).