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Registrar Q & A

How many credits do I need to graduate with a JD degree?
Eighty three (83) credit units are required for the degree of doctor of Law (J.D.) with a minimum of  64 credits in “scheduled” classes.  The program in the day division extends over three academic years and in the evening division over four academic years.

What is the required number of credits that I must take each semester?
No student in the day division may take fewer than twelve (12) hours or more than sixteen (16) hours per semester without special permission. No student in the part-time/evening division may take fewer than eight (8) or more than twelve (12) hours per semester.

Can I take more than the maximum credits?
Yes, but only in unusual and exceptional circumstances and only with the approval of the Vice Dean. Please note that if you take more than the maximum allowed credits, you will be charged for each additional credit.

How do I register for classes on
Go to: for further detail instructions.

May I expedite graduation or delay graduation?
Yes.    Students may expedite graduation to a minimum of 24 months and a maximum of 60 months. 

What courses count as “scheduled classes"?
All first year courses, upper level electives, in-house clinics & associated fieldworks/casework, and externship seminars count toward the required 64 credits of “scheduled” credits.  Journals and moot court activities (even where academic credit is given), independent studies, and externship fieldwork do NOT count toward “scheduled" class credits.

Beyond the first year, are there additional course requirements?
Yes.  In addition to the required first year curriculum, you students must also take Corporations and Professional Responsibility, a Professional Skills course as well as completion of the upper level writing requirement.  Day students must take Constitutional Law in their second year.  Evening students must take Legislation/Regulation and Constitutional Law in their second year.  Students transferring from the Evening Division to the Day Division in their 2nd year, must take Civil Procedure, Legislation/Regulation & Constitutional Law by the end of their second year.

Can I take more than one 2 credit independent study?

Is there a maximum on the number of clinical courses credits I may receive?
Yes.  The maximum is 30 credits which includes In-house Clinical Courses & their associated fieldworks and Externship seminars..

How do I satisfy the writing requirement?
The requirement can be completed thru a two credit independent study or designated seminar in which a paper is required that satisfies the requirement.  If completed with a two (2) credit seminar, student may receive a one (1) credit independent study for the additional work required to satisfy the writing requirement, over and above what the student would receive for the seminar paper.  To fulfill the writing requirement you will need to complete the online form on the registrar webpage and have your supervising professor sign it.  The writing requirement  MUST be completed prior to last semester of graduating year.

Can I drop a course after I have registered for it?
Yes.  You may drop or add courses during the add/drop period at the beginning of each semester.  If you have a compelling reason to drop or add a course after the add/drop period, you will need the approval of the Vice Dean.  Permission to do so will only be granted due to "unusual or extraordinary circumstances."  If you receive approval, your transcript will reflect a "W" ("Withdrawal") for the dropped course.

Can I receive credit for a journal note and independent study?
A. You may not receive both independent study credit and journal note credit for written work that is substantially the same.  If your note is published, you have the option of receiving the journal note credit OR independent study credit(s). The Registrar Office will drop your independent study registration and register you for the journal note.

What grade modes are associated with an independent study and a journal note?
A. Independent study grade is “CR”, Credit/No Credit and  journal note grade will be listed as “P”, pass grade on your academic transcript.

Can I write a note for a journal and satisfy the writing requirement?
A. Yes, you may write a journal note and satisfy the writing requirement, but you cannot receive both independent study credit(s) and journal note credit for written work that is substantially the same.

I am currently enrolled in a course that satisfies the writing requirement and am also planning to write a note for a journal.  Can I do both at the same time and receive credits for both, the note and the seminar?
A. Yes, you can receive credits for both the seminar and the journal note because the grade for the seminar is based on both the coursework and the paper.  However, you cannot receive the one additional credit for the independent study.

May I visit abroad or at another US law school?
Yes.  To visit at a foreign university or law school, you will need the approval of the Assistant Dean for International Programs.  To visit or take classes at a U.S. law school, you will need the approval of the Registrar.  You must obtain this approval prior to registration for any courses.

Do all grades automatically transfer back from other approved programs or other schools?
No.  Only credits transfer back where a minimum grade of “C” is required.  Official transcripts must be submitted to Fordham Registrar and/or to the International Program office.

What courses have a waitlist?
Only, Drafting, Research, Trial Advocacy, Fundamental Lawyering Skills or Introduction to the Deal have a waitlist.      

How do I get into a waitlist course?
After some courses reach capacity, and close to new registrants, students may have an option to place themselves on a waitlist.  The waitlist is an automated process with random selection based on seniority—e.g. third year day and fourth year evening students are given priority.  The waitlist ends two weeks prior to the start of each semester.        

How do I know what courses are closed?
When searching for courses, on the far left under the select column, the courses that are closed will contain the letter “C”. Please note, the waitlisted course will appear as open, but it is NOT due to the waitlist automation process offering, the seat is offered to the next student on the waitlist.      

If I get selected from the waitlist, how much time do I have to register?
An email notification will be sent to a student’s email account; once notified, the student offered the seat will have a deadline of 48 hours to register for the course. It is important that you check your Law School email frequently, if you are on a waitlist for any class. Once the 48 hour deadline to register for the seat has passed, the seat will be offered to the next student on the waitlist and you will lose the offer. If you lose the seat, you must drop the course and re-register yourself for the waitlist course again. 

What do registration messages mean?
-  Hold – You cannot register or receive transcripts 
-   Financial – You must contact the Bursar’s Office 
-   Health – You must contact the Health Services 
-   Academic – You must contact the Registrar office 
-   Closed course – The course is registered at its maximum capacity 
-   Closed with restriction – The course has limited seats reserved for certain students. For example, some courses have seats held for LLM students If a course has seats held, the seats will be released in mid-July for Fall registration and in early January for Spring registration
-   Waitlist – Some limited enrollment classes offer waitlists

How many drafting classes may I take?
You may take a maximum of one per semester.  See

How do I find out about schedule changes?
The Registrar posts any changes to the class schedule on its webpage.  Closely monitor this page before and during Registration for any changes to the schedule.

May I take Business courses at the Fordham Graduate School? 
Yes.  You must, however, seek permission from Registrar to register for a graduate business course.

Do business school credits transfer back?
Yes, but only partially. For instance, a 3 credit Business course will transfer back as 2 credits to the Law School.

Does Fordham Law offer joint degree programs?
Yes. We offer joint degree programs with the graduate schools of business administration, social services, and arts and sciences.  For information about our J.D./M.A., J.D./M.S.W. and J.D./M.B.A.  programs please go to:

A maximum of 12 credits,  from the  M.A., M.S.W., or M.B.A programs, .will be applied toward  the J.D. degree.  However, none of the 12 graduate school credits may be counted toward the required 64 scheduled class credits nor will the graduate school course grades be calculated into a student’s gpa.

Who may I contact for advisement of the Joint Degree Programs?
For further information and advisement regarding the following joint degree programs, students should contact:
Professor Clare Huntington ( for the JD/MSW joint degree program;
Professor Tom Lee (   for the JD/MA in the IPED program;
Professor Richard Squire ( and Registrar Audrey Glassman ( for the JD/MBA program.