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Youth Advocacy Law Association

Board Members:

Elizabeth Ling '14, Co-Director
Jennifer Oh '15, Co-Director
Sean Flatow '15, Communications Director
Anna Makatche '14, Education Committee
Matt Fenn '14, Education Committee
Aryan Hawkins '14, Juvenile Justice Committee
Will Fullwood '14, Juvenile Justice Committee
Sarah Bookin '15, Juvenile Justice Committee
Kimberly Quintano '15, Juvenile Justice Committee
Alexandra Butler '15, Child Welfare Committee
Scarlett Camargo '14
Prescott Loveland '14         

Mission Statement:
The Youth Advocacy Law Association is a group for Fordham Law students interested in exploring careers that are committed to advocating for children and juveniles involved in the Child Welfare, Juvenile Justice, and Public Education systems.  YouthLaw seeks to increase understanding of legal practice on behalf of young people, and to raise awareness of important policies and issues affecting youth, especially youth from underserved communities.  YouthLaw collaborates with leaders in the field, organizes discussions and networking, and encourages academic and service-oriented youth advocacy.