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logoThe economic, legal and environmental issues surrounding the food we eat represent some of the most important and rapidly-evolving challenges of our time. Farm to Fordham provides opportunities for students to work alongside community activists to make our food system more socially just, environmentally responsible, and economically sound.  We organize both policy-oriented legal projects and hands-on grassroots activities. 

Our Community Supported Agriculture co-op brings fresh, organic produce from family-owned farms in upstate New York to the law school for easy pick-up by students, and law school staff faculty.  We contribute a portion of our share to  local soup kitchens.  In partnership with St. Paul the Apostle Church  and members of the local community, we manage a rooftop vegetable garden to benefit low-income families in our neighborhood. 

Farm to Fordham also helps students put their legal skills into action.  By partnering with city officials, agencies, and non-profit advocacy organizations, we aim to improve food quality in schools (including Fordham), incorporate EBT food stamps at farmers' markets, and design a low-interest loan mechanism to help conventional farmers convert to organic farming.  We are also broadening our scope to address global issues of international agricultural policy and famine.  If you eat food, Farm to Fordham provides a valuable forum for you to get involved in one of the world's fastest-growing areas of legal advocacy.

2014-2015 Board:
Bryson Kern '15
Estelle Wagner '15
Laurel Berkowitz '15
Eddie Tavella '16
Sarah Baldwin '15
Jack Xiang '16
Sarah Haag '16
Jake Hays '16

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