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Each student must assume full personal responsibility for his or her compliance with the New York Alcoholic Beverage Control Law, the New York General Obligations Law, and with the University Policy on alcoholic beverages.

Students who procure alcoholic beverages for, or who serve alcoholic beverages to under-aged persons, who falsify documents, or who contribute in any way to illegal alcohol consumption are not conducting themselves in a responsible manner. Further, a student who contributes in any way, however minor, to the intoxication of another person may by law be held personally liable for any injury or damage the intoxicated person causes or in which he or she becomes involved.

Finally, alcoholic beverages are not permitted on University property except as specified in this policy. Only students and their guests who are 21 years of age or older may purchase, possess or consume alcoholic beverages on the University property specified in this policy.

The Plaza Cafe (Lincoln Center)
Special Events

For other than regular business, the Cafe is used as a beer and wine serving area during large mixed age social events in the adjacent cafeteria, for student activities programming, and for special catered receptions and dinners.

When the Cafe is being used by students for student activities programming, the sponsoring student group must obtain approval for use of the facility from the Assistant Dean of Students. If alcoholic beverages are to be served at the activity, then the sponsoring group must hire a Food Service bartender and must restrict access to the Cafe to persons twenty-one years of age or older. If alcoholic beverages are not available however, access to the Cafe is open to all members of the Fordham Community and guests.

Finally, when the Cafe is used for a special catered event such as a reception or a dinner, the sponsoring group must hire a Food Service bartender. Alcoholic Beverages will be served only to persons twenty-one years of age or older who have proper identification.


Alcoholic beverages are not permitted in the four student cafeterias of the University. Any exceptions to this policy must be obtained in writing from the Assistant Dean of Students.

General Facilities and Premises

Sponsors of events which are held on other University premises at which alcoholic beverages are served must first obtain approval from the authorized University official and then secure the services of a Food Service bartender. Sponsors of events are responsible for full compliance with New York State Law and with University Policy. Alcoholic beverages are not permitted on University property except as specified in this policy statement.

Alcohol Education

The Student Affairs division will educate students on responsible use of alcoholic beverages through specific programs such as National Collegiate Alcohol Awareness Week, Wellness Week, and through published information available at the Health Center, Counseling Centers and Residential Life offices. The University's support programs for students with alcohol-abuse problems will be offered through the Health Center, Counseling Centers, Residential Life Office, and an Alcoholics Anonymous Chapter.