Weekly Brief

Spotlight Events


Fordham Law School now qualifies for  the New York Sports Clubs Corporate Membership Program.  Compare the Difference!

    Individual Passport Membership       vs.    Corporate Passport Membership
Monthly Dues:  $89                                        Monthly Dues: $72
    Initiation Fee:   $149                                       Initiation Fee: Discounted    

Please contact Shymean Henderson in the Membership Department at 212.265.0995 to help get you started today.


Free Movie Tickets:
See a movie courtesy of the Office of Student Affairs!  This is open to all law students.  Stop by the Office of Student Affairs (Room 06) on the first day of the month and present your current student ID card.  Students can only get one ticket every other month.

Bulletin Boards:
In order to maintain the professional appearance of the law school, ALL notices or announcements for internal law school activities or events hosted by offices or organizations in the Law School are to be posted on specially marked areas of the bulletin boards.  All others must meet the approval of the student group/office assigned to that space. Each office or organization placing dated materials on these bulletin boards will be responsible for their removal after the announced activity has taken place. All notices and announcements to be placed on areas other than those assigned to student groups, organizations, and/or offices must be stamped and approved by the Office of Student Affairs, Room 06.  Please direct all questions to the Office of Student Affairs.

**Reminder:  Do not post your flyers on doors, walls, glass panes, or on the bathroom stall panels.  The tape damages the surface on these items. If you wish to advertise, please leave a copy of your flyer with the Office of Student Affairs, room 06 or email a copy to mailto:StudentAffairs@law.fordham.edu