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Beheadings, firing squads and gas chambers: It's not ISIS it's Oklahoma
Deborah Denno in OpEd News, February 15, 2015
Oklahoma Wants To Reinstate The Gas Chamber, And Experts Say It's A Bad Idea
Deborah Denno in Huffington Post, February 12, 2015
Prosecutors Have to Prove Officer Acted Recklessly
Michael W Martin in The Wall Steet Journal, February 11, 2015
"Even his mother thinks that he should be punished"
James Cohen on CBS News, February 11, 2015
Trial of Marine accused of `American Sniper` death set to open
Deborah Denno in Zee News, February 11, 2015
Angry Dissenters Suggest High Court May Rule For Same-Sex Marriage
Elizabeth Cooper in National Law Journal, February 10, 2015
Gay Marriages Start in Alabama
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Botched Protocols
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'American Sniper' Fame Could Complicate Chris Kyle Murder Trial
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Unseal the Eric Garner - Daniel Panteleo grand jury documents
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Jury selection in killing of ‘American Sniper’ complicated by book and the movie
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'American Sniper' fame could complicate Chris Kyle murder trial
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Affirmative action: A major requirement
Tanya Hernandez in U.S. Catholic magazine, February 3, 2015
Florida Won't Follow Ohio and Oklahoma in Halting Executions
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Death Debate At High Court
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What Supreme Court decision could mean for future of death penalty
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