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Brendan Moore Trial Advocacy Center Teams Have Successful Fall Season

December 03, 2013

Left to right: SanGermano '02, Juan Maldonado '15, Mairead Maguire '15, Sarah Bookin '15, Austin Ishii '15, Mike Higgins '08, and Dean Michael M. Martin
A team of students from Fordham Law’s Brendan Moore Trial Advocacy Center won the Puerto Rico Trial Advocacy Competition on October 20. The team was composed of students Sarah Bookin '15, Austen Ishii '15, Juan Maldonado '15, and Mairead Maguire '15, and was coached by Greg SanGermano '02 and Mike Higgins '08. In addition to the team’s first place win, Bookin received two perfect scores and earned the competition’s Best Advocate Award. Maldonado and Maguire were also cited for receiving perfect scores in the final and preliminary rounds, respectively.

This win came along with many other successes for Fordham’s Moore Trial Advocacy teams. In September, 86 students tried out to become Moore Advocates, and 44 were selected as eligible to join teams. Over the course of the fall semester, the Center had 13 trial teams participate in 11 competitions.

In the first interschool mock trial competition of the season, a team of students advanced to the semifinal round of the Golden Gate University School of Law Criminal Mock Trial Competition. The team roster included Prescott Loveland '15, Katia Asche '14, Michael Hardin '14, and Fawn Lee '14. Loveland also won the competition’s Best Advocate Award. The team was coached by Bernard Ozarowski '10 and Lili Corn '12.

On October 20, another Moore Trial Advocacy team advanced to the quarterfinals of the Peter James Johnson National Civil Rights Trial Competition. The team was made up of students Blythe Miller '15, Lauren Parra '15, Stacey Robinson '14, and John Signoriello '14 and was coached by Reza Rezvani, Deanna Paul '11, and Vicki Hill Clarkson '13.

On November 3, a team of students comprising Kate Flatley '15, Zoe Rosenthal '15, Alexandra Menezes '15, and Katherine McCabe '15 advanced to the semifinals of the ABA Regional Criminal Trial Advocacy Competition at Quinnipiac University School of Law. Flatley also won the competition’s award for Best Direct Examination. The team was coached by Jeff Briem '05 and Cheryl Thill '07.

On November 11, another Moore Trial Advocacy team advanced to the quarterfinals of the Buffalo-Niagara Trial Competition. The team consisted of students Melissa He '15, Séverine Losembe '15, James Moore '15, and Daniel Tibbets '15 and was coached by Adam Shlahet '02 and Jeff Colt '10.

On November 17, a Moore Advocates team consisting of Jacqueline Barkett '15, Dora Georgescu '15, Mary Gibbons '15, and Gabrielle Apfel '14 advanced to the finals of Georgetown Law School’s White Collar Crime Invitational Trial Competition. The team was coached by Andrew Mercer '09 and Ben Pred '11.

Finally, on November 24, a Moore Advocates team consisting of Nima Afshar '16, Kyle Ellis '15, Evan King '15, and Matthew Schwartz '15 advanced to the semifinals of  the ABA Labor and Employment Regional Trial Competition. The team was coached by Dan Geoghan '99, Mike Hamersky '07, and Jonathan Uretsky '99.

“Our Brendan Moore Advocates had a tremendous fall season,” said James L. Kainen, Brendan Moore Chair in Advocacy and Director of the Moore Advocacy Center. “The demand to participate in our program is at an all time high, our students compete at the highest levels every year, and they have an outstanding support team behind them. We are grateful for the continued commitment of Adjunct Professor and Director of Trial Competitions Adam Shlahet '02, Adjunct Professor and Judicial Advisor, Justice Douglas McKeon, and benefactor Tom Moore '72, whose contributions to the program ensure that Fordham Law students receive the best possible mock trial experience.”

The Moore Advocates’ spring season begins February 6 with the regional round of the National Trial Competition.