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Fall 2012 Issue

Incisive scholarship on legal issues with no easy answers is at the forefront of the Fall 2012 issue of Fordham Lawyer magazine. We also explore the changing field of corporate law, travel off the beaten path with students in our summer study abroad programs, and get a view from the federal bench with six alumnae judges.


Questioning Authority
Professor Abner S. Greene talks about his book Against Obligation. Read the feature.

The Law of the Land
Professor Nestor Davidson discusses the Law School's new Urban Law Center. Read the feature.

Off the Beaten Path
Three Fordham Law students describe their experiences studying abroad in Ghana, Ireland, and Korea. Read the feature.

Legally, and Morally, Binding Agreements
Professor Aditi Bagchi's research explores the full spectrum of contract law. Read the feature.

Professor John Pfaff mines incarceration data to examine prison growth. Read the excerpt. Professors Sean J. Griffith, Caroline Gentile, Martin Gelter, and Steve Thel talk corporate law. Read the Q&A. Six alumnae, including Judge Loretta A. Preska '73, describe serving in federal courts. Read the story.