Forum Film Festival Opening

Thane Rosenbaum in Sing Tao Daily, October 20, 2012

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Our reporter Chen Fan NEW YORK: Seventh Forum sponsored by Fudan University School of Law in New York (Fordham Law School) Film Festival (Forum Film Festival) "opening yesterday (19) night at the HBO Theater in Midtown Manhattan. The current federal Second Circuit Court of Appeal ethnic Chinese Judge Chen Zhuoguang invited to attend the opening of the film festival movie forum to introduce the experience of the trial Madoff.

Film Festival Director Thane Rosenbaum, the film festival will last until October 25, the activities open to the public, screening the documentary "I'm home, therefore I am" (The House I Live), Drama movie "Cast Away" (The Truce) "Good Night, and Good Luck" (Good Night, and Good Luck) 5 classic movie, and by the end of the moviegoing forum, invited experts and scholars, film crew or actors and the audience to participate in the discussion of the legal, cultural and social phenomena and other topics.

Yesterday Film Festival opening film particularly choose to play the HBO historical miniseries "John Adams" (John Adams), HBO channels on behalf of Mark Scott and Fudan University School of Law Dean Michael M. Martin came to power speech to congratulate the opening of the film festival. The organizers invited screenings "John Adams" of the screenwriter the Kirk Eillis and federal Chinese Judge Chen Zhuoguang participate in the forum discussion session.

Thane Rosenbaum said, each film festival to play some of the classic films of the theme of Legal Affairs, to watch the film and let the public participate in the forum discussion session, and a better understanding of the legal issues. He and Chen Zhuoguang Fudan University Law School alumni, as early as 20 years ago acquaintance, has also been to invite Chen Zhuoguang attended the inaugural Forum Film Festival.

Participate in the invitation to Chen Zhuoguang movie "John Adams discussion, because the Chen Zhuoguang before Madoff case experience movie part episode of John Adams as a lawyer, their own time were similar. Thane Rosenbaum, expressed the hope that in the movie forum, invited Chen Zhuoguang about the trial experience Madoff case, has attracted wide attention and pressure will be an original carrying Peoples aura Madoff, legitimate and reasonable sanctions.

The Chen Zhuoguang John Adams presidency, their own as a lawyer, handled some cases also very representative. He also hoped that through the activities of the Forum, to share experiences and feelings with the audience, and help the audience a clearer understanding of the legal phenomenon. On the other hand, Chen Zhuoguang said, when he admitted to Fudan University School of Law, the school only 14 Asian students, and now there are 150 students. He joined the Judiciary industry to encourage more Asian students, to enhance understanding of the Asian community in the United States judicial system.