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Fordham Law understands and addresses the challenges presented by globalization to lawyers and their clients.  In recognition of the substantial and growing importance of international, foreign, and comparative law to all lawyers, Fordham offers its students a range of opportunities that will enable them to compete effectively in the global legal marketplaceā€“ both at our Lincoln Center campus and around the world.

At Fordham Law, students can enroll in a large number of courses that explore legal issues from a global perspective.  Some of these are taught by the many members of our full-time faculty who are experts in international, comparative, and foreign law.  Other such courses are taught by adjunct and visiting professors who are leaders in their respective fields.  The classroom experience is enhanced by our graduate students, most of whom have received their primary law degrees abroad. 

Outside of the classroom, Fordham offers myriad global opportunities through conferences and symposia, study abroad opportunities, and internships and externships around the world.

There are ample opportunities for students from abroad to study at Fordham Law School, either through one of our semester exchange or double degree programs or through our LL.M. program.  The Law School offers the Master of Laws degree in Banking, Corporate, and Finance Law; Corporate Compliance; Intellectual Property and Information Technology Law; International Business and Trade Law; International Dispute Resolution; International Law and Justice; and U.S. and Comparative Law.  Students may also take advantage of the opportunity to study at Fordham through the three-week Fordham Law Summer Institute in NYC and other short-term programs, such as the Corporate Compliance Institute.  We also welcome legal academics, judges, and other high level government officials to the Law School under our program for Visiting Foreign Scholars and Visiting Research Fellows.

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