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IN TODAY'S COMPLEX WORLD, professionals interested in improving life for at-risk children and families must work together across traditional disciplinary lines. Parents and children do not view their problems as "legal problems" or "social work problems." We must take a holistic approach to working with clients. This demands flexibility, introspection, and concentrated effort.

The Center takes great pride in its work training the next generation of professionals to work with people from various disciplines. From our academic courses to our Family Advocacy Clinic to our many externship, field placement, and fellowship opportunities, the Center has an opportunity to fit the interests of almost any student ready for the challenge and the reward of interdisciplinary education and practice.

The Interdisciplinary Center for Family and Child Advocacy is an initiative of Fordham University School of Law and the Graduate School of Social Service, with participation from the Graduate School of Arts and Sciences.   The Center responds to the clear need for service among some of New York City's most vulnerable populations and to the equally clear need to increase interdisciplinary collaboration in advocacy and service delivery. To this end, the Center is engaged in projects in the following three areas:

Prof. Leah Hill
Clinical Associate Professor of Law, Family Advocacy Clinic


Kathy Ho
Supervising Social Worker, Family Advocacy Clinic & Criminal Defense Clinic