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The Institute's work is enriched by collaboration with the Muslim Bar Association of New York (MuBANY), the National Association of Muslim Lawyers and the Fordham Muslim Law Students Association.  

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Past Events (sponsored and co-sponsored):

The Arab Spring: It’s Impact on International Politics, International Law, and International Organizations (December 2012)
On December 4, Dr. Yassin El-Ayouty, Esq., gave a lecture on the Arab spring, one of the most important event in the 21st century. Dr. El-Ayouty described how from Tunisia to Egypt; from Libya to Yemen; and from Bahraim to Syria, the wall of fear by the masses from dictatorships has fallen. Social media had broken the hold of entrenched regimes on the freedom of expression. The quest for dignity, democracy and development has created global kinship across continental divides. El-Ayouty concluded that these developments will have a fast impact on international politics, international law, and international organizations, and he expects it will last for a long time.
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Mosques in America: An Exercise in Dialogue (November 2010)
Over the course the Fall, discussions about the location of mosques has at times become a source of tension, particularly in New York City.  In November 2010, the Institute on Religion, Law & Lawyer's Work sponsored an event, as Professor Russell G. Pearce put it, "to provide space for the kinds of dialogue that increase mutual understanding."  With the help of two expert facilitators, Rabbi Justus N. Baird, Director of the Center for Multifaith Education from the Auburn Theological Seminary and Asim Rehman, Esq., Vice-President of the Muslim Bar Association of New York, a group of students, faculty and alumni--Muslims, Jews and Christians--gathered to work through a case-study of how one community faced a similar controversy.  As the participants wrestled with questions such as whether it was appropriate for public officials and citizens bring their religious identity into discussions about public space, and the kinds of approaches which help communities to deal with ethnic and social change, a consensus emerged that communities need to look for creative ways to foster dialogue and understanding in the midst of these kinds of complex and multi-layered issues, and each felt challenged to examine how they might contribute, as lawyers or future lawyers, to fostering this kind of conversation.

Islam from a Shii / Iraqi Perspective (April 2009)
In collaboration with Fordham Adjunct Professor of Islamic Law, Dr. Yassin El-Ayouty and with the Fordham Muslim Law Students, the Institute sponsored a lunch discussion on “Islam from a Shii / Iraqi Perspective” featuring Dr. Jafar Al-Hakim, permanent observer at the UN for the Al-Hakim Foundation, an organization that has been working in Iraq since 2004 for religious dialogue, cultural understanding, the relief of poverty, access to education, and the promotion of democracy and good governance. 

Careers in Public Interest Law (March 2009)
The Institute co-sponsored a panel discussion for Muslim law students, “Careers in Public Interest Law” organized by MuBANY. This program featured a number of practicing lawyers active in the Muslim community who shared with students their reflections on their work in the areas of international human rights, domestic violence and criminal defense.  The event also provided an invaluable forum for discussion of issues that are specific to cultural and religious communities. 

Turkey's Headscarf Ban: The Political, Social, and Legal Impact on Turkish Women's Rights (July 2008)
The Institute offered its support for MuBANY’s panel discussion on “Turkey's Headscarf Ban: The Political, Social, and Legal Impact on Turkish Women's Rights.”

Islam and Diversity (April 2008)
In collaboration with SUNSGLOW-Global Training in the Rule of Law and with the Fordham Muslim Law Students, the Institute sponsored a day-long conference, Islam and Diversity featuring the Honorable Raid J. Alsaedi, Chief Investigative Judge of the Iraqi High Tribunal, the court which investigated and tried Saddam Hussein; Dr. Moussa Abou Ramadan, Faculty of Birzeit University; Ms. Aseil Al-Shehail, the Second Secretary-Advisor at the Permanent Mission of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia to the United Nations; and Dr. Yassin El-Ayouty, Esq., Fordham Adjunct Professor of Islamic Law.

Five Years Later: Protecting Civil Liberties and National Security After 9/11 (September 2006)
In collaboration with MuBANY, the Institute co-sponsored an afternoon program on Five Years Later: Protecting Civil Liberties and National Security After 9/11.  Panelists discussed Rights and Responsibilities of the Citizen and the State; and Courtroom Perspectives on the War on Terror.  Speakers included Donna Lieberman, Executive Director of the NYCLU; Sohail Mohammed, New Jersey Immigration Attorney; Charles McKenna, Executive Assistant United States Attorney, D.N.J. Amrit Singh, Esq., ACLU; Khurrum Wahid, Esq., Wahid, Vizcaino & Maher; Shams Mitha, Esq., Allen & Overy; Engy Abdelkader, Esq., Legal Services of New Jersey.