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The Institute on Religion, Law & Lawyer’s Work collaborates with the Communion & Law  international commission which gathers lawyers, judges, students and scholars to explore how relationships of fraternity can be built among the various actors in legal systems, and how this in turn might contribute to a culture in which the value of justice could permeate all legal structures and relationships. The approach and activities are informed by the Focolare Movement’s spirituality of communion.

This collaboration with international networks has enabled the Institute to leverage its resources and provide enriching opportunities for students, faculty and practicing lawyers to explore the implications of religious lawyering in a cross-cultural context.

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Past Conferences:


May 2010: The Charismatic Principle in Economic and Civil Life: History, Theory and Good Practice

Ian Weinstein, Professor of Law and Associate Dean for Clinical and Experiential Programs at Fordham Law school presented his paper, Dr. Martin Luther King and the American Civil Rights Movement: Charismatic and Institutional Perspectives, at the Sophia University Institute’s international seminar on “The Charismatic Principle in Economic and Civil Life: History, Theory and Good Practice” held at Loppiano (Florence). Robert K. Vischer, Associate Professor, University of St. Thomas Law School, also presented a paper on Love as a Ground for Legal Ethics: Lessons for Advocates from Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. co-authored with Amy Uelmen.

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February 2009: Law in Search of Justice

In February 2009 the Institute cosponsored Law in Search of Justice, which gathered 280 law students and young professionals from 26 countries.  Our interfaith workshop, “Love of Neighbor and the Practice of Law”, was presented under the guidance of Ian Weinstein, Anne-Claire Motte, two Fordham law students, Monica Brown and Gregory Louis, together with Deborah Cantrell, a Buddhist law professor who directs the clinic at the University of Colorado, Boulder.

To access to the English translations of some of the conference materials. Click here.

Magazine article: Anne-Claire Motte, Re-imagining the Legal Profession, 48 Living City 9-10 (June 2009). Download PDF.


March 2008: Seminar, Love of Neighbor and the Legal Profession

As a follow-up to the Institute’s co-sponsorship of the Rome 2005 conference, in March 2008 a multi-ethnic interreligious group of twenty law professors, practicing lawyers, judges and law students gathered near Florence, Italy for a three-day workshop on Love of Neighbor and the Legal Profession.

Magazine article:
Amy Uelmen, A Sacred Turn, 47 Living City 16-17 (May 2008). Download PDF.

November 2005: Relationships in Law: Is There a Place for Fraternity?

The Institute on Religion, Law & Lawyer's Work cosponsored an international conference, Relationships in Law: Is There a Place for Fraternity? held in Rome in November 2005 that gathered seven hundred lawyers, judges and scholars from 35 countries.
Brochure. Download PDF.

Magazine articles:
Amy Uelmen, Relationship in Law: Is There a Place for Fraternity? 45 Living City 14-17 (March 2006). Download PDF.
Amy Uelmen, Religious Lawyering's Second Wave, 21 J. Law & Religion 269-281 (2005-2006). Download PDF