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Resources on Economic Justice

The economic crisis has already provoked serious reflection on the necessary changes in our lifestyles, our values and our expectations.  Amidst more practical “survival” tips, some are also calling for a “moral inventory” of ourselves and of our choices as a society. Over the years, the Institute has developed a number of resources on the intersection of economic structures, business life, and religious values.  

Religious Values and Corporate Decision-Making
Law articles:
• Proceedings of the 2004 Conference on Religious Values and Corporate Decision-Making. The conference gathered business attorneys, corporate counsel, scholars and students in law, economics and management to explore the extent to which religious values may serve as a guide to navigate the moral and ethical dilemmas in our current legal and business landscape. Click here.
Magazine article:
• Amelia J. Uelmen, New Hope and New Light for the Corporate World, 43 Living City 12-15 (June 2004). Download PDF.

On the New Social Encyclical Caritas in Veritate and the Economy of Communion:

Pope Benedict XVI released his first social encyclical, “Charity in Truth” in July 2009.  He highlighted new economic initiatives and their capacity to integrate religious values and perspectives in order to sustain a “civil economy” ordered to the common good.  Specifically, it mentionned the “Economy of Communion” a global network of more than 750 businesses which distribute their profits to meet the needs of the poor and to sustain educational project that foster a “culture of giving.”

Journal Articles:
• Amelia J. Uelmen, Caritas in veritate and Chiara Lubich: Human Development from the Vantage Point of Unity, 71 Theological Studies (number 1) 29-45 (March 2010). Download PDF.
• Luigino Bruni & Amelia J. Uelmen, The Economy of Communion Project, 11 Fordham Journal of Corporate and Financial Law 645-680 (2006). Download PDF
Magazine articles:
• Amelia J. Uelmen, In the Market for Humanity, America 12-13 (November 30, 2009). Click here.
• Amelia J. Uelmen, The Promise of the Economy of Communion, 48 Living City 10-11 (November 2009). Download PDF
• Amelia J. Uelmen, What is the Economy of Communion in Freedom? 48 Living City 10-11 (July 2009). Download PDF.
• Luigino Bruni & Amelia J. Uelmen, What is the Economy of Communion?, 46 Living City 12-14 (June 2007). Download PDF.

On Religious Resources and Economic Structures:

These resources explore the extent to which the Trinity as a social model serves as a critique of more individualistic strains of the law and economics discourse, and as a creative resource for imagining social and economic structures that foster the growth and development of human relationships.

Law article:
• Amelia J. Uelmen, Toward a Trinitarian Theory of Products Liability, 1 J. Catholic Social Thought 603-645 (2004) (Symposium: Catholic Social Thought & the Law). Download PDF
Magazine article:
• Amelia J. Uelmen, Get into the Reciprocal, 47 Living City 10-12 (October 2008) (reflection on social development). Download PDF.

Teaching Resource:

          Seminar in Catholic Social Thought & Economic Justice: Syllabus 2007; Syllabus 2008.