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The Institute's programs run along three tracks.
    The interfaith track brings together lawyers of different faith traditions for conferences and speakers' series to explore the extent to which various faith traditions can find common ground in their efforts to work for the common good. It includes the Annual Interfaith Conference and the Interfaith Speakers' Series.
    The faith-specific track provides forums for lawyers and students of the same faith to delve into how their own religious teachings and traditions might inform the practice and the study of law. It includes the Catholic Lawyer's Program, the Christian Lawyer's Program, the Jewish Lawyer's Program and the Muslim Lawyer's Program.
    Through its international track programming, the Institute helps to support a rich cross-cultural exchange on how religious values might permeate the practice of law in the most varied social and legal contexts.

The Institute organizes the Faculty Colloquia on Jesuit Values and the Law School and also offers its collaboration for the multi-school Catholic Legal Thought Conference, a summer institute for law professors.