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Faculty Colloquia on Jesuit Values and the Law School

The Faculty Colloquia on Jesuit Values and the Law School began in Fall 2001 as part of a University-wide pilot project funded by a grant from the Lilly Mentors Program. Since that time, a diverse group of full-time faculty continues gather to explore the history and background of the Jesuit approach to education, the Catholic intellectual tradition, and particular issues such as academic inquiry, diversity, and inter-religious dialogue in the context of a religious law school.
Past topics for Discussion:

2001-2002  The History and Background of the Jesuit Approach to Education. 
2002-2003  The History of the Law School's identification with its Catholic and Jesuit heritage (the principle text was the 1968 Gellhorn-Greenawalt Report on the changes required to receive government funding). 
2003-2004  Ex Corde Ecclesia and its Application to Law Schools
2004-2005  Catholic Teaching on Conscience; When Conscience Conflicts with Religious.
2005-2006  The Role of Religion in Legal Education - Is it Different than the Role of Ethics?
2006-2007  The Implications of the Ignatian Concept of Discernment of Spirits; The Place for the Virtue of Humility in Academic Life and Scholarship
2007-2008  The Fact / Value Dichotomy in Law and Legal Education
2011-2013  Faith and Reason