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Pharos Pop-Up Client Adds a New Dimension to Printing

Date: 08.19.2011

PharosThe IT Department of Fordham University School of Law is pleased to announce that Pharos’ Pop-up print client is now available to all students using a Apple or Windows PC.

The Pharos Pop-Up client introduces a new dimension to printing, whereby any student can print directly from his or her own PC using any application capable of sending print jobs.

The concept of this client is to install the law school's own FLS_SpoolQ or SPOOLQ printer and have any print job sent to the printer queued until a student is able to release the print job at any one of the several Pharos print stations located in the law school library.

The Pharos Pop-Up client is now available using the dormitory, law school, or wireless networks.

Contact: Jason Pena