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Information Technology Department Launches New Web Site

Date: 03.16.2011

The Information Technology (IT) Department launched its new web site on March 16, 2011.  The revised web site features RSS (Really Simple Syndication) for IT Alerts, Tech News and IT Planned Events.  The web site’s content is mainly driven by frequently asked questions (FAQ’s) that are tailored to feed to different pages.  The FAQ was structured to anticipate potential additional information needed by users when visiting a specific web page.  The FAQ web pages also allow users to provide feedback on the usefulness of the information presented.

Another new feature is the “Guides & Tutorials” section which, similar to the FAQ section, ties up the content of the web site more cohesively.  Landing web pages also include “Related Pages & Sites” which easily take users to web sites that are relevant to the current page they are visiting.

 screenshot of IT Home Page

The following short URL’s are available with the new web site.

Contact: Marianna Balquiedra, Web Administrator