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Internet Explorer Continues to be Popular Among Web Site Visitors

Date: 02.01.2011

As the New Year rolled in, visitors to our web site continue to use Microsoft’s Internet Explorer when navigating the Law School web site.  Google Analytics data from January 1 to 31, 2011 shows that among the 156,893 visitors to the web site, 36.63% or 57,467, used Internet Explorer. 

Safari, Apple’s answer to Internet browsing, comes in second at 41,047 visits (or 26.16%) edging out Mozilla Firefox on third at 25.33% (39,743 visits.)  The much-publicized Chrome, Google’s Internet browser, comes in at a disappointing fourth, at 17,353 visits or 11.06%.

Although Microsoft’s Internet Explorer continues to be popular among visitors to the Law School’s web site, its percentage lead continues to decline.  Google Analytics data from six month prior to this report, June 1 to 30, 2010, shows Internet Explorer having a bigger lead with 50.77% share of all web visitors for that period.  This is a 14.14 percentage-points drop in visitors share in just six months.

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Contact: Marianna Balquiedra, Web Administrator