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The Urban Law Journal now maintains its own separate website,, which hosts most of our online presence.  This includes the Journal's City Square companion.  Please visit and explore our web-exclusive content!
The Urban Law Journal is now on Twitter!  Follow us @FordhamULJ.

The Fordham Urban Law Journal, now in its 42nd year, is the second oldest publication at the law school.  The Journal annually publishes five books which address policy issues affecting urban areas.

If you have any further questions regarding ULJ events, symposia, colloquia, or reprint requests, please contact Lauren Irby.

 Staff Contacts:
   Lauren Irby(Editor-in-Chief)
   Eric Whiting (Managing Editor- Subscription Info.)
   John Foley and Tim Polmateer (Senior Articles Editors- Print Submission Info.)
   Nicole Beletsky (Online Managing Editor- Online Submission Info.)




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