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Attorney Emeritus Program

New York State Chief Judge Jonathan Lippman appointed Professor John D. Feerick and Fern Schair as co-chairs of the Attorney Emeritus Program (AEP) Advisory Council.  Professor Feerick serves as Founder and Senior counsel of the Law School's Feerick Center for Social Justice and Ms. Schair chairs the Center's Advisory Board.  The AEP Advisory Council seeks to promote the active participation of senior attorneys in pro bono.  The Council consists of statewide representatives of the private bar, the legal services and pro bono communities, the court system, law schools, and the nonprofit sector.  The Council will monitor the progress of the AEP and advise Chief Judge Lippman and court leaders in the following areas:
• Ensuring that Attorney Emeritus volunteers provide high quality legal services to New Yorkers in need;
• Making the pro bono experience as satisfying and desirable as possible for volunteers;
• Developing outreach and recruitment strategies to maximize pro bono representation by experienced lawyers;
• Enhancing the network of resources available to train experienced attorneys to provide pro bono representation;
• Collecting essential data about the Program; and 
• Serving as a bridge to important constituencies, including the legal services community, the bar and the nonprofit sector.
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