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Faculty Web Site Redesign

  1. To highlight faculty scholarship;
  2. To highlight faculty activities;
  3. To facilitate faculty and faculty support in updating content on the public web site;
  4. To improve search engine optimization through document outlines, i.e. structure of a page. 

Recommendations & Guidelines

  1. Include "Faculty Bios," "Scholarship" and "Faculty Activities" in all the templates of the faculty web site.
  2. Content sources should be defined.
    Are the templates of content sources compatible with the new templates of the faculty web site?
  3. New templates should comply with document outline standards, e.g., page heading.
    New banner photos will be needed.

    Document outlines are used to map contents by crawlers and assistive technologies, improve search engine ranking and accessibility.
  4. The new templates will standardize the faculty web pages. Customization will be limited.


  1. Faculty Home Page (Level 1)

    1. Faculty Bios (Level 2)
      1. Tenured & Tenure Track (Level 3)
        1. Professor's Bio Page (Level 4) will contain:
          Photo and Contact Information
          Research & Teaching Areas (five areas)
          Selected Publications 
        2. Publications (Level 5)

          This page will contain books, articles, other publications, and three open categories.
        3. Recent Courses (Level 5)
        4. Full Bio (Level 5)
        5. Activities (Level 5)
                Details (Level 6)
        6. Media Appearances (Level 5)
        7. Additional Pages (Level 5)
      2. Clinical
      3. Center Directors
      4. Visitors
      5. Emeritus
      6. Adjunct

    2. Scholarship
      1. Faculty Workshops (ADC feed)
      2. Conferences & Lectures (ADC feed)
      3. Course-related Lectures (ADC feed)
      4. FLASH (Archive of Scholarship & History)
      5. SSRN (Academic Papers)
      6. Faculty Expertise

    3. Faculty Activities
    4. Fordham Conferences & Workshops
      1. Faculty Workshops
      2. Conferences & Lectures
      3. Course-related Lectures
      4. ADC calendar feed will include "Faculty Workshops," "Named Lectures," "Conferences & Workshops," and events of Centers & Institutes. 

    5. Media Guide to Faculty

      This section will contain a list of the areas of expertise and an alpha listing of professors.

    6. Technology & Resources
  1. Final list of research & teaching areas
  2. Final layouts of the following:
    1. Faculty Home Page
    2. "Faculty Bios" Landing Page
    3. "Scholarship" Landing Page
    4. "Faculty Activities" Landing Page, if applicable
    5. Other pages under "Faculty Activities," if applicable
    6. "Fordham Conferences & Workshops" Landing Page
    7. Other pages under "Fordham Conferences & Workshops," if applicable
    8. "Media Guide to Faculty" Landing Page
    9. Landing page for all areas of research & teaching
    10. Other pages under "Media Guide to Faculty," if applicable
  3. All templates of pages in the Faculty web site need to be revised to meet the objectives.
  4. Keywords will be used for page listings, e.g. Tenured & Tenure Track, Research & Teaching Areas.
  5. Define the events that will be included in the "Fordham Conference & Workshops" page.
  1. E-mail to faculty 
  2. Training for Faculty Support