John Pfaff

John Pfaff

Professor of Law

Curriculum Vitae [PDF]
Telephone: 212.636.7661
Office: Room 7-178

Research & Teaching Areas

Prisons; Statistics/Econometrics; Criminal Law; Social Science & Law; Sentencing Law


John Pfaff is an Associate Professor of Law where he teaches criminal law, sentencing law, and law and economics. Before coming to Fordham, he was the John M. Olin Fellow at the Northwestern University School of Law and clerked for Judge Stephen F. Williams on the US Court of Appeals for the DC Circuit.

Professor Pfaff's research focuses on empirical questions related to criminal law and sentencing and, more generally, on the application of social science techniques to criminal law and policy. He is currently focusing on two empirical questions. The first explores the forces which have driven the explosive growth of the US prison population over the past thirty years. And the second looks at how to incorporate evidence based practices into the judicial review of scientific and empirical evidence. For his work on the latter issue, Professor Pfaff recently received a two-year grant from the John Templeton Foundation and the University of Chicago's Arete Initiative for the study of wisdom.


University of Chicago: BA, 1997; JD, 2003; PhD (Economics), 2005