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Rice to Address the White House Forum on Global Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender (LGBT) Human Rights]]> 24-Jun-2014 Joseph Landau <![CDATA[Speaker, When War Is Over: A Discussion Exploring the Legal and Policy Implications of Ending America's Longest Wars]]> 7-May-2014 Andrew Kent <![CDATA[AALS Clinical Professor's Conference: "Becoming a Better Clinician"]]> 29-Apr-2014 Paul Radvany <![CDATA[Panelist for Federal Bar Council's "Recent High Profile Securities Law Decisions"]]> 25-Apr-2014 Paul Radvany <![CDATA[Spoke on “Ethical Issues with Self-Represented Litigants in Mediation” at the American Bar Association Annual Dispute Resolution Conference]]> 4-Apr-2014 Jacqueline Nolan-Haley <![CDATA[Presentation at Pepperdine Law School conference, The Future of National Security Law]]> 4-Apr-2014 Andrew Kent <![CDATA[Securities Arbitration and Mediation 2014: Telling Your Story]]> 11-Mar-2014 Paul Radvany <![CDATA[Foreign Affairs in an Age of Legal Process]]> 10-Mar-2014 Joseph Landau <![CDATA[Fordham Law Review Symposium on Chevron at 30]]> 7-Mar-2014 James J. Brudney <![CDATA[Spoke on "Reflections on Mediation Directions in the United States and Western Africa"]]> 26-Feb-2014 Jacqueline Nolan-Haley <![CDATA[Panelist, The American Dream: The Future of Immigration Policy and Reform]]> 21-Feb-2014 Joseph Landau <![CDATA[NYU Annual Survey of American Law Symposium on The Continuing Vitality of Unions]]> 21-Feb-2014 James J. Brudney <![CDATA[Preparing the 21st Century Litigator Conference]]> 2-Jan-2014 Paul Radvany <![CDATA["Preparing the 21st Century Litigator"]]> 2-Jan-2014 Paul Radvany ]]> <![CDATA[Friedrich Ebert Stiftung Roundtable Meeting of the UN Commission on Economic Social and Cultural Rights and the ILO Committee of Experts]]> 27-Nov-2013 James J. Brudney <![CDATA[Presented at the Workshop Instituto Pascual Madoz Del Territorio, Urbanismo y MedioAmbiente]]> 13-Nov-2013 Sheila R. Foster Environmental Justice, Cities and Climate Change: A Regulatory Perspective, at the Workshop Instituto Pascual Madoz Del Territorio, Urbanismo y MedioAmbiente, Universidad Carlos III de Madrid, Spain.]]> <![CDATA[Presidential Constitutionalism and Civil Rights]]> 4-Nov-2013 Joseph Landau <![CDATA[Presidential Constitutionalism and Civil Rights]]> 1-Nov-2013 Joseph Landau <![CDATA[Moderator, panel on “Unbundled Legal Services”]]> 1-Nov-2013 Bruce Green <![CDATA[Presidential Constitutionalism and Civil Rights]]> 24-Oct-2013 Joseph Landau <![CDATA[Moderator, "Ripped from the Headlines," 9th Annual White Collar Seminar]]> 24-Oct-2013 Bruce Green th Annual White Collar Seminar, National Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers in Washington, D.C.]]> <![CDATA[Panelist, 10th Annual Wiley A. Branton / Howard Law Journal Symposium]]> 24-Oct-2013 Sheila R. Foster <![CDATA[Panelist, Federal Criminal Practice Institute, NYCLA]]> 19-Oct-2013 Bruce Green <![CDATA[Panelist, Civil Rights & Civil Justice: 50 Years Later]]> 18-Oct-2013 Joseph Landau <![CDATA[Columbia Law School Global Justice Forum]]> 16-Oct-2013 James J. Brudney <![CDATA[Yale Law School Seminar on Statutory Interpretation]]> 13-Oct-2013 James J. Brudney <![CDATA[Panelist, "Ethical Considerations for Corporate Investigations: Views From All Sides" ]]> 25-Sep-2013 Bruce Green <![CDATA[Presentation at Fordham Law School, Conference of Citizenship, Immigration and National Security After 9/11]]> 20-Sep-2013 Andrew Kent <![CDATA[Moderator, "Criminal Discovery Under Brady v. Maryland"]]> 19-Sep-2013 Bruce Green Brady v. Maryland: Current Developments," Association of the Bar of the City of New York]]> <![CDATA[Spoke on "Cultural Issues in Cross-Border Commercial Mediation," ICC 8th Annual New York Conference]]> 10-Sep-2013 Jacqueline Nolan-Haley <![CDATA[Moderator, "Navigating the Ethical Challenges in Counseling Unaccompanied Minors"]]> 31-Jul-2013 Bruce Green <![CDATA[Presentation]]> 16-Jul-2013 Sarah A. Jaramillo <![CDATA[Presenter, Ethics Workshop, Annual Capital Defense Training Program]]> 15-Jul-2013 Bruce Green <![CDATA[Presentation]]> 14-Jul-2013 Sarah A. Jaramillo <![CDATA[Spoke on "Mediation Developments in the U.S.," Northern Ireland Law Society]]> 13-Jun-2013 Jacqueline Nolan-Haley <![CDATA[Panelist, "Culpability and White Collar Crime"]]> 10-Jun-2013 Bruce Green <![CDATA[Panelist, "The Ethics of Sub-Prime Lending"]]> 3-Jun-2013 Bruce Green The Mortgage Crisis-Five Years Later held by Fordham Law School's Coalition for Debtor Education.]]> <![CDATA[Mass Torts as Quasi Class Actions: The Role of Judicial Oversight]]> 30-May-2013 Howard M. Erichson <![CDATA[Moderator, 39th ABA National Conference on Professional Responsibility]]> 30-May-2013 Bruce Green <![CDATA[Moderator, 39th ABA National Conference on Professional Responsibility]]> 30-May-2013 Bruce Green th ABA National Conference on Professional Responsibility held in San Antonio, TX.]]> <![CDATA[Co-Presenter, "Hot Topics in Legal Ethics"]]> 20-May-2013 Bruce Green <![CDATA[Speaker, “Labor Recruitment and its Regulation in the US-Mexico-Central America Corridor,” Open Society Foundations and MacArthur Foundation Convening on Labor Recruitment, New York, NY.]]> 29-Apr-2013 Jennifer Gordon <![CDATA[Panelist, "Criminal Law and Ethics," NYCLA]]> 23-Apr-2013 Bruce Green <![CDATA[American Constitution Society Convening on Worker Voice]]> 15-Apr-2013 James J. Brudney  Thoughts on the Potential Role of Corporate Governance in Strengthening Worker Voice
<![CDATA[Panelist, 2013 Conference on Religious Legal Theory, Touro Law Center]]> 11-Apr-2013 Bruce Green 2013 Conference on Religious Legal Theory at Touro Law Center.]]> <![CDATA[Commenter, The Ethical Infrastructue and Culture of Law Firms conference]]> 5-Apr-2013 Bruce Green The Ethical Infrastructure and Culture of Law Firms conference at Hofstra Law School.]]> <![CDATA["Fiduciary Duties in Mediation-Real or Imagined?" Conference presentation at the ABA Annual Dispute Resolution Conference]]> 5-Apr-2013 Jacqueline Nolan-Haley <![CDATA[Presentation at Temple University Beasley School of Law, International Law Colloquium]]> 26-Mar-2013 Andrew Kent <![CDATA[Presentation at American University Washington College of Law, Faculty Scholarship Workshop]]> 22-Mar-2013 Andrew Kent <![CDATA[DOMA and Presidential Discretion: Interpreting and Enforcing Federal Law]]> 14-Mar-2013 Joseph Landau <![CDATA[Presenter, "The Gideon Effect," Yale Law Journal Symposium]]> 9-Mar-2013 Bruce Green Gideon v. Wainwright," Yale Law Journal Symposium at Yale Law School.]]> <![CDATA[Panelist, "Complying with Brady," 27th Annual National Institue on White Collar Crime]]> 8-Mar-2013 Bruce Green Brady and Strategies for Defense Counsel, " 27th Annual National Institute on White Collar Crime in Las Vegas, NV.]]> <![CDATA[Panelist, "Ethics in White Collar Cases," 27th Annual National Institue on White Collar Crime]]> 7-Mar-2013 Bruce Green th Annual National Institute on White Collar Crime in Las Vegas, NV.]]> <![CDATA[Presentation at Fordham Law School, Conference on The New Originalism in Constitutional Law]]> 2-Mar-2013 Andrew Kent <![CDATA[Presenter, conference on Plea Bargaining After Lafler and Frye]]> 1-Mar-2013 Bruce Green Plea Bargaining After Lafler and Frye conference at Duquesne University School of Law.]]> <![CDATA[Moderator, "The Business and Ethics of Managing a 21st Century Law Firm"]]> 26-Feb-2013 Bruce Green <![CDATA[Spoke on judicial review of mediated settlement agreements, Penn State Law School, Symposium on The Role of the Courts: Judicial Review of Arbitral Awards and Mediated Settlement Agreements.]]> 22-Feb-2013 Jacqueline Nolan-Haley <![CDATA[Moderator, Panel on “Current Immigration and Freedom of Movement Policy in NAFTA and the EU” Fordham International Law Journal Symposium: Is the EU a Model for NAFTA? New York, NY.]]> 15-Feb-2013 Jennifer Gordon <![CDATA[Panelist, White Collar Crime Committee, ABA Section of Business Law]]> 13-Feb-2013 Bruce Green <![CDATA[Comparative Sex Regimes and Corporate Governance ]]> 8-Feb-2013 Martin Gelter <![CDATA[Presentation at Pace Law School, Faculty Scholarship Workshop]]> 30-Jan-2013 Andrew Kent <![CDATA[Awarded Outstanding Professional ADR article for 2012 by the CPR International Institute for Conflict Prevention & Resolution for Mediation: The "New Arbitration," 17 Harv. Neg.L. Rev. 61 (2012).]]> 21-Jan-2013 Jacqueline Nolan-Haley <![CDATA[Speaker, "New Developments in Attorney-Client Privilege," AALS 2013 Annual Meeting]]> 5-Jan-2013 Bruce Green <![CDATA[Joel Reidenberg participated in the interactive sessions at the Visioning Open Society Forum in Oslo, Norway]]> 10-Dec-2012 Joel Reidenberg  

<![CDATA[Speaker, “Enfrentando los retos de la representación del trabajador migrante,” Center for Social, Economic, and Cultural Rights, Mexico City, Mexico.]]> 30-Nov-2012 Jennifer Gordon <![CDATA[Presentation at the Lincoln Forum, Gettysburg, PA]]> 17-Nov-2012 Andrew Kent <![CDATA[Moderator, “Navigating Prosecutorial Discretion in Immigration Law,” Fordham-ALM CLE Webinar.]]> 7-Nov-2012 Jennifer Gordon <![CDATA[Martin Gelter presented at the 2012 International Law Weekend]]> 26-Oct-2012 Martin Gelter <![CDATA[The President and the Passive Virtues, Junior Federal Courts Faculty Symposium]]> 26-Oct-2012 Joseph Landau <![CDATA[Speaker, “The Public Interest Lawyer and Immigrant Workers Rights,” Clason Lecture, Western New England Law School, Springfield, Massachusetts.]]> 22-Oct-2012 Jennifer Gordon <![CDATA[Europe Presses Google to Change Privacy Policy]]> 16-Oct-2012 Joel Reidenberg <![CDATA[Spoke on ethical issues in mediation and arbitration practice, NYSBA Dispute Resolution and Commercial & Federal Litigation Section Fall Meeting]]> 15-Oct-2012 Jacqueline Nolan-Haley <![CDATA[Martin Gelter presented "Law & Economics der Kapitalmarktinformationshaftung" ]]> 8-Oct-2012 Martin Gelter <![CDATA[Martin Gelter presented "Forced Capitalists: The Pension System and the Rise of Shareholder Primacy"]]> 21-Sep-2012 Martin Gelter <![CDATA[Conducted mediation training at Catholic University in Sunyani, Ghana]]> 6-Aug-2012 Jacqueline Nolan-Haley <![CDATA[PLI Seminar - SECURITIES ARBITRATION - (Panelist, two separate panels)]]> 2-Aug-2012 Constantine Katsoris <![CDATA[Presentation]]> 21-Jul-2012 Sarah A. Jaramillo <![CDATA[Presentation at the Columbia Law School, National Security Law works-in-progress colloquium. ]]> 10-Jul-2012 Andrew Kent <![CDATA[Spoke on the Arbitration Fairness Act at the Association for Conflict Resolution Annual Meeting, New York Chapter.]]> 21-Jun-2012 Jacqueline Nolan-Haley <![CDATA[Moderator, Plenary Panel on "Immigration Law and the Suburban Challenges,” Immigration Law Professors Biannual Conference, Hofstra Law School.]]> 1-Jun-2012 Jennifer Gordon <![CDATA["Forced Capitalists: The Pension System and the Rise of Shareholder Primacy"]]> 8-May-2012 Martin Gelter <![CDATA[Presentation at the Georgetown Law School Foreign Relations Colloquium. ]]> 13-Apr-2012 Andrew Kent <![CDATA[Chevron v. Youngstown, Drexel Law Faculty Workshop]]> 4-Apr-2012 Joseph Landau <![CDATA[Speaker, “Workplace Justice for Global Labor Migrants,” Pemberton Lecture on Workplace Justice, University of San Francisco School of Law, San Francisco, CA.]]> 29-Mar-2012 Jennifer Gordon <![CDATA[ "The Future of Doctoral Studies in Law"]]> 24-Mar-2012 Martin Gelter <![CDATA[Lecture: Court of Appeals, Metz, France, "American Perspectives on Mediation"]]> 13-Mar-2012 Jacqueline Nolan-Haley <![CDATA[Lecture: Lorraine Association for Friendship between the U.S. and France, "The Americanization of Justice"]]> 13-Mar-2012 Jacqueline Nolan-Haley <![CDATA[Discussant, Conference on “Towards a New Labor Movement,” Murphy Institute, CUNY, New York, NY.]]> 9-Mar-2012 Jennifer Gordon <![CDATA[Speaker, “Immigrant Workers: A Legal and Organizational Update,” Columbia Law School lunchtime speaker series, New York, NY.]]> 5-Mar-2012 Jennifer Gordon <![CDATA[Panelist, “Immigration Law in the Low-Wage Workplace (What we’ve learned over the past 25 years and where to go from here).” Georgetown University, Washington, DC.]]> 24-Feb-2012 Jennifer Gordon <![CDATA[The Washington Post - Jury to decide if hate was motive of ex-NJ student accused of webcam spying on gay roommate]]> 23-Feb-2012 Joel Reidenberg <![CDATA[WSJ- Jury to rule: Was hate motive of NJ webcam spying?]]> 23-Feb-2012 Joel Reidenberg <![CDATA[Symposium at University of Miami School of Law]]> 17-Feb-2012 Deborah Denno  
The Future of Lethal Injection: Chaos After Baze v. Rees.  Talk presented at University of Miami School of Law for a Miami Law Review symposium entitled, "The Future of the Death Penalty in America,” Miami, Florida]]>
<![CDATA[Judge, 7th ICC International Commercial Mediation Competition, Paris]]> 4-Feb-2012 Jacqueline Nolan-Haley <![CDATA[Presentation at the University of San Diego Law School, Center for the Study of Constitutional Originalism, Annual Works in Progress Conference.]]> 3-Feb-2012 Andrew Kent <![CDATA[Spoke on European Mediation Developments at University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill Law School, Symposium "Anticipating Dissension: When Legal Frameworks, US Commerce and Foreign Markets Intersect."]]> 27-Jan-2012 Jacqueline Nolan-Haley <![CDATA[Responder to Cardinal Designate Timothy M. Dolan's Address "Law and the Gospel of Life"]]> 24-Jan-2012 Jacqueline Nolan-Haley <![CDATA[Panelist, “Work and Migrations,” Panel on Solidarity: The New Antidiscrimination Law?, Association of American Law Schools Annual Conference, Washington, DC.]]> 5-Jan-2012 Jennifer Gordon <![CDATA[Talk presented at panel at Renaissance Weekend]]> 31-Dec-2011 Deborah Denno Academy: “Traditional” Values.  Talk presented at panel at Renaissance Weekend, Charleston, South Carolina (December 31, 2011)]]> <![CDATA[Talk presented at panel at Renaissance Weekend]]> 30-Dec-2011 Deborah Denno What Today’s Supreme Court is Facing and Thinking.  Talk presented at panel at Renaissance Weekend, Charleston, South Carolina (December 30, 2011)]]> <![CDATA[Presentation at the meeting of the American Society of International Law, Interest Group on International Law in Domestic Courts, held at BYU Law School. ]]> 16-Dec-2011 Andrew Kent <![CDATA[Talk presented at the 2011 Annual Meeting of the American Society of Criminology]]> 18-Nov-2011 Deborah Denno Why the Criminal Law Needs Neuroscience.  Talk presented at the 2011 Annual Meeting of the American Society of Criminology, Washington, D.C. (November 18, 2011)]]> <![CDATA[Fordham Law Rountable Series, New Orleans]]> 12-Nov-2011 Howard Erichson <![CDATA[Moderator, Judicial Review of ADR Processes: What Makes Sense? Sixth Annual Dispute Resolution Symposium, Fordham Law School]]> 4-Nov-2011 Jacqueline Nolan-Haley <![CDATA[Spoke on ethical issues in mandatory mediation, New York State Bar Dispute Resolution Section Conference]]> 31-Oct-2011 Jacqueline Nolan-Haley <![CDATA[Panelist, Transnational Labor Citizenship: Labor Law Viewpoint and Applications, Conference on “Transnational Law: Method, Hermeneutic, and Translation,” Rome, Italy.]]> 28-Oct-2011 Jennifer Gordon <![CDATA["Why do Shareholders Derivative Suits Remain Rare in Continental Europe?"]]> 21-Oct-2011 Martin Gelter <![CDATA[Moderator, "The Judge's Program," Symposium sponsored by the Chartered Institute of Arbitrators]]> 6-Oct-2011 Jacqueline Nolan-Haley <![CDATA[Presentation at NAACP LDF Civil Rights Training Institute]]> 6-Oct-2011 Howard Erichson <![CDATA[Presented paper at Quinnipiac - Yale Dispute Resolution Workshop: "Mediation's Move to the Arbitration Zone"]]> 30-Sep-2011 Jacqueline Nolan-Haley <![CDATA[Panelist, “Cultural Commons and Cultural Norms,” Convening Cultural Commons Workshop, New York University School of Law]]> 23-Sep-2011 Sheila Foster <![CDATA[Panelist, Institute for Law and Philosophy, University of San Diego School of Law ]]> 16-Sep-2011 Prof. Deborah Denno ]]> <![CDATA[Panelist, “Lessons for the United States and Mexico from the UK Experience with Intra-European Labor Migration Post-Enlargement,” Transnational Strategies Conference, Mexico City, Mexico.]]> 16-Sep-2011 Jennifer Gordon <![CDATA[PLI SEMINAR - - SECURITIES ARBITRATION - - 2011 (Panelist)]]> 10-Aug-2011 Constantine N. Katsoris <![CDATA[Co-taught Conflict Resolution Program at the Catholic University in Sunyani, Ghana]]> 1-Aug-2011 Jacqueline Nolan-Haley <![CDATA[Panelist, “The Interaction between Immigration Law and Worker Voice,” Voices at Work Conference, Oxford University, UK.]]> 30-Jul-2011 Jennifer Gordon <![CDATA[AAJ Section on Toxic Environmental & Pharamaceutical Torts]]> 11-Jul-2011 Howard Erichson <![CDATA[Cornell ILR Webinar on CLass Action After Wal-Mart v. Dukes]]> 7-Jul-2011 Howard Erichson <![CDATA[Panel Discussant, A Reasonable Doubt? at NYIT Cinema]]> 23-Jun-2011 Deborah Denno <![CDATA[Spoke at Pepperdine University School of Law ADR Teaching Conference, Plenary Panel Discussion: Balancing Academic Understanding with Skills Development]]> 22-Jun-2011 Jacqueline Nolan-Haley <![CDATA[Spoke at Pepperdine University School of Law ADR Teaching Conference on ADR on the Bar Exam]]> 22-Jun-2011 Jacqueline Nolan-Haley <![CDATA[Talk presented at Admitted Students Day, Fordham University School of Law ]]> 21-Jun-2011 Deborah Denno <![CDATA["Shareholder Derivative Suits in Europe – Why do they remain rare?“]]> 17-Jun-2011 Professor Martin Gelter <![CDATA[Panel]]> 16-Jun-2011 Sarah A. Jaramillo

<![CDATA[Spoke on the European Mediation Directive at the 6th Annual International Mediation and Arbitration Conference]]> 15-Jun-2011 Jacqueline Nolan-Haley <![CDATA[Panelist, Core Values that Shape a 21st Century Legal Education]]> 13-Jun-2011 Sheila Foster <![CDATA[Talk presented at the Fordham Law School Scholarship Retreat: The Economics of Rape]]> 31-May-2011 Deborah Denno <![CDATA["Regards étrangers sur la Doctrine (française) de l’Entreprise" (Foreign views on the (French) enterprise doctrine). ]]> 27-May-2011 Martin Gelter Organiser of the symposium: FORDE (Fonds de Recherche sur la Doctrine de l’Entreprise) within the framework of the Management Institute and the Faculty of Law and Political Science at the University of Rennes-1.

<![CDATA[Convenor and Panelist, Symposium on "The Social Function of Property: A Comparative Law Perspective"]]> 14-May-2011 Sheila Foster  

<![CDATA[Panelist, “Legal Strategies and International Law,” Excluded Workers Congress, New York, NY.]]> 11-May-2011 Jennifer Gordon <![CDATA[Panelist, “Domestic Workers in the United States: Past and Present,” Roundtable Discussion with White House staff and Department of Labor personnel, Washington, DC. ]]> 3-May-2011 Jennifer Gordon <![CDATA[Spoke at American Bar Association Dispute Resolution Conference on Fiduciary Duties in Mediation]]> 15-Apr-2011 Jacqueline Nolan-Haley <![CDATA[Bloomberg Law interview regarding Obama decision not to defend the Defense of Marriage Act in court.]]> 15-Apr-2011 Abner Greene Listen to the MP3


<![CDATA[University of Connecticut Symposium on Actuarial Litigation ]]> 15-Apr-2011 Howard Erichson <![CDATA[Symposium at Michigan State University College of Law]]> 8-Apr-2011 Deborah Denno <![CDATA["Hate and Incitement on the Internet -- A viral threat to the Rule of Law"]]> 8-Apr-2011 Professor Joel Reidenberg <![CDATA[The Globalization of Law and Economics]]> 1-Apr-2011 Martin Gelter <![CDATA[Presenter, "Labor Mobility and Workplace Regulation," Fordham Law School Faculty Workshop, New York, NY]]> 30-Mar-2011 Jennifer Gordon <![CDATA[American Constitution Society Panel on Walmart v. Dukes, FLS ]]> 30-Mar-2011 Howard Erichson <![CDATA[University of Windsor Class Actions Conference, Canada]]> 29-Mar-2011 Howard Erichson <![CDATA[Speaker, "Removing Legal Obstacles to Enforcing Immigrant Workers Rights," Immigration Theory and Practice Workshop, Yale Law School, New Haven, CT]]> 28-Mar-2011 Jennifer Gordon <![CDATA[Speaker, "Labor Migrants, Resident Workers, and the Future of Immigration Policy," Masters Tea, Ezra Stiles College, Yale University, New Haven, CT]]> 28-Mar-2011 Jennifer Gordon <![CDATA[Guest Speaker, Complex Litigation, NYU Law School ]]> 24-Mar-2011 Howard Erichson <![CDATA[Plenary Panelist, "Protecting Workers Rights in the Global Economy," Out of the Smoke and Into the Flame: A Conference on the Triangle Shirtwaist Fire and its Legacy, CUNY, New York, NY]]> 24-Mar-2011 Jennifer Gordon <![CDATA[Talk presented at the Yeshiva University Student Medical Ethics Society]]> 24-Mar-2011 Deborah Denno <![CDATA[Debate: The Future of Mass Torts, PENNumbra]]> 20-Mar-2011 Howard Erichson <![CDATA[Mediation Facilitator at Multiday Commercial Mediation Training]]> 16-Mar-2011 Paul Radvany <![CDATA[The DOMA Ripple Effect, THE NEW REPUBLIC]]> 11-Mar-2011 Joseph Landau <![CDATA[Seminar for Volunteer Lawyers for the Arts Residency Program in Art Law]]> 21-Feb-2011 Sonia Katyal ]]> <![CDATA[Panelist, "Tensions in Rhetoric and Reality at the Intersection of Work and Immigration," UC Irvine Symposium on Persistent Puzzles in Immigration Law, Irvine, CA]]> 18-Feb-2011 Jennifer Gordon <![CDATA[University of Georgia Law School Scholarship Colloquium]]> 13-Feb-2011 Howard Erichson <![CDATA[Symposium at Vermont Law School]]> 11-Feb-2011 Deborah Denno <![CDATA[Symposium on Copyright Law at Cardozo Law School]]> 8-Feb-2011 Sonia Katyal <![CDATA[New Jersey Supreme Court Reappointment]]> 28-Jan-2011 Professor George Conk <![CDATA[Spoke on ethical issues in arbitration and Mediation at the Annual Meeting Program of the New York State Bar Association, Dispute Resolution Section. ]]> 27-Jan-2011 Jacqueline Nolan-Haley <![CDATA[Faculty Workshop at Syracuse Law School]]> 20-Jan-2011 Deborah Denno <![CDATA[Language, Legal Origins and Culture before the Courts]]> 12-Jan-2011 Dr. Martin Gelter Location: WU Vienna University of Economics, Vienna

Venue: Economic Analysis of Law Seminar

<![CDATA[AALS Annual Meeting in San Francisco - 2011]]> 6-Jan-2011 Joel Reidenberg <![CDATA[Lecture presented at the Center for Research on the Ethical/Legal/Social Implications (ELSI) of Psychiatric, Neurologic, and Behavioral Genetics, Department of Psychiatry, Columbia University College of Physicians and Surgeons]]> 16-Dec-2010 Deborah Denno ]]> <![CDATA[Spoke to Financial Industry Regulatory Authority’s Staff ]]> 9-Dec-2010 Paul Radvany <![CDATA[Faculty Workshop at Fordham Law School]]> 9-Dec-2010 Deborah Denno <![CDATA[Stacy Dogan Reviews "Stealth Marketing and Antibranding"]]> 3-Dec-2010 Sonia Katyal <![CDATA[Presentation on "Historical and Contemporary Perspectives on the Shareholder-Stakeholder Debate" ]]> 26-Nov-2010 Dr. Martin Gelter Part of the Workshop "Corporate Governance and Stakeholder Value: A Law and Economics Perspective"

<![CDATA[Workshop ]]> 26-Nov-2010 Dr. Martin Gelter <![CDATA[Keynote Speaker, Symposium on Immigration Law, Practice, and Reform, Hofstra Law School, New York, NY]]> 19-Nov-2010 Jennifer Gordon <![CDATA[Speaker, "Transnational Labor Citizenship," Roundtable on Integrating Workplace Enforcement in Immigration Reform, Harvard Kennedy School of Government, Cambridge, MA]]> 17-Nov-2010 Jennifer Gordon <![CDATA[Public Lecture on Legal Theory at Washington University Law School]]> 16-Nov-2010 Sonia Katyal <![CDATA[Presentation]]> 16-Nov-2010 Sarah A. Jaramillo <![CDATA[Fordham Law Roundtable Series, New Orleans]]> 12-Nov-2010 Howard Erichson ]]> <![CDATA[Respondent in Fordham Law Symposium re: Presidential Influence Over Administrative Action]]> 12-Nov-2010 Joseph Landau <![CDATA[Neuroscience, Cognitive Psychology, and the Criminal Justice System]]> 8-Nov-2010 Deborah Denno <![CDATA[Presentation]]> 5-Nov-2010 Sarah A. Jaramillo <![CDATA[Presented a paper on Indigenous Intellectual Property for the Howard University School of Law's Summit on Intellectual Property and Social Justice]]> 5-Nov-2010 Sonia Katyal <![CDATA[Property Outlaws, featured topic on a panel at Eyebeam Art and Technology Center]]> 28-Oct-2010 Sonia Katyal ]]> <![CDATA[Moderated a plenary panel "What's on the regulatory agenda: Hear from the regulators"]]> 27-Oct-2010 Joel R. Reidenberg <![CDATA[“Nuisance Law,” Property, Tort and Private Law Theory Conference]]> 22-Oct-2010 Sheila Foster <![CDATA[Conference on Property and Tort Law at USC]]> 22-Oct-2010 Sonia Katyal ]]> <![CDATA[Panelist, "Immigration Law in the Workplace," Columbia Law School Symposium on Immigration and Civil Rights, New York, NY]]> 22-Oct-2010 Jennifer Gordon <![CDATA[Property, Tort and Private Law Theory Conference]]> 22-Oct-2010 Sheila Foster <![CDATA[Spoke at a Fordham Roundtable in Seattle, WA]]> 14-Oct-2010 Joel Reidenberg <![CDATA[Presentation at the NAACP Legal Defense and Education Fund Civil Rights Training Institute]]> 8-Oct-2010 Howard Erichson <![CDATA[Lecture at the University of Pennsylvania]]> 6-Oct-2010 Deborah Denno ]]> <![CDATA[Or Else: Blackmail, Extortion, Threats & Damage Control in Negotiations]]> 4-Oct-2010 Paul Radvany Embarrassment and Extortion" at the 2010 Fall Bench and Bar Retreat sponsored by the Federal Bar Council.]]> <![CDATA[Featured Speaker at the Federal Bar Council's Fall Retreat]]> 1-Oct-2010 Professor Michael W. Martin <![CDATA[Seminar on Complex Litigation and Dispute Resolution]]> 28-Sep-2010 Howard Erichson <![CDATA[Moderator of American Constitution Society Event Re: SB 1070]]> 27-Sep-2010 Joseph Landau <![CDATA[Transnational Labor Citizenship: Enforcing Labor Rights in a Context of High Level of Migration]]> 25-Sep-2010 Jennifer Gordon <![CDATA[Published "Why the Fox News Suit Against Robin Carnahan's Campaign Is Bogus" for]]> 24-Sep-2010 Sonia Katyal <![CDATA[Presentation of Language, Legal Origins and Culture before the Courts: Cross-Citations between Supreme Courts in Europe]]> 24-Sep-2010 Martin Gelter Language, Legal Origins, and Culture before the Courts: Cross-Citations between Supreme Courts in Europe, co-authored by Mathias M. Siems of the University of East Anglia, at the 27th Annual Conference of the European Association for Law and Economics, which took place at University Paris II Pantheon-Assas. ]]> <![CDATA[SECURITIES INDUSTRY CONFERENCE ON ARBITRATION ("SICA") Public Member - 1977 to 1997. Reappointed as Public Member and appointed SICA Chairman - 2003 to 2012. Active Emeritus Public Member 2013 to present. ]]> 15-Sep-2010 Constantine N. Katsoris A.  FIRST REPORT (1977)








I.   NINTH REPORT (1996)

J.   TENTH REPORT (1998)





<![CDATA[Repeat Offenders and the Question of Desert]]> 10-Sep-2010 Youngjae Lee <![CDATA[Speaker on a panel for Writing for the Academy at the National People of Color Legal Scholarship Conference.]]> 9-Sep-2010 Sonia Katyal ]]> <![CDATA[Punishing Disloyalty]]> 7-Sep-2010 Youngjae Lee ]]> <![CDATA[Commentator for the annual Symposium for Volunteer Lawyers for the Arts (VLA) Art Law Residency]]> 25-Aug-2010 Sonia Katyal ]]> <![CDATA[UCLA Law Review published Sonia Katyal's article Trademark Intersectionality]]> 1-Aug-2010 Sonia Katyal <![CDATA["The Fair Use Senator" op-ed on]]> 9-Jul-2010 Sonia Katyal <![CDATA[UCLA Law Review published Sonia Katyal's article The Dissident Citizen.]]> 1-Jul-2010 Sonia Katyal <![CDATA[Fordham Admitted Students Retreat]]> 24-Jun-2010 Sonia Katyal <![CDATA[“The Global Warming Crisis: Fairness,” American Association of Law Schools Workshop on Property]]> 11-Jun-2010 Sheila Foster <![CDATA[Presentation, Global Warming Crisis: Fairness at AALS Workshop on Property]]> 11-Jun-2010 Sheila Foster <![CDATA[Commentator at the Annual Law and Humanities Scholars Conference at Columbia Law School. ]]> 4-Jun-2010 Sonia Katyal <![CDATA[Sixth Annual Securities Arbitration Clinic Roundtable]]> 1-Jun-2010 Paul Radvany <![CDATA[Panelist, "Emerging Issues at the Intersection of Immigration and Labor," Roundtable of the Kalmanovitz Initiative on Labor and the Working Poor, Georgetown University]]> 27-May-2010 Jennifer Gordon <![CDATA[Plenary Panelist, "New Approaches to Structuring Temporary Labor Migration," Immigration Law Professors Biannual Conference, Chicago, IL]]> 26-May-2010 Jennifer Gordon <![CDATA[Commentator on Hiroshi Motomura’s book in progress, Immigration Law Professors Biannual Conference, Chicago, IL. ]]> 25-May-2010 Jennifer Gordon <![CDATA[Panel on the Future of LGBT Civil Rights for the City Bar Association]]> 20-May-2010 Sonia Katyal <![CDATA[Presentation at the Israel and International Law Conference at Northwestern Law School.]]> 17-May-2010 Andrew Kent <![CDATA[Under the Influence festival]]> 13-May-2010 Sonia Katyal <![CDATA[Volunteer Lawyers for the Arts (VLA)]]> 10-May-2010 Sonia Katyal ]]> <![CDATA[Russ Pearce appeared on Law, Religion & Ethics blog]]> 6-May-2010 Russell Pearce  ]]> <![CDATA[Faculty Workshop at Fordham Law School]]> 20-Apr-2010 Deborah Denno <![CDATA[Lower Manhattan Cultural Council's 'Access Restricted' series]]> 14-Apr-2010 Sonia Katyal <![CDATA[Yale Law Presentation]]> 14-Apr-2010 Tanya Hernandez <![CDATA[The Dangers of Copyrighting Fashion]]> 13-Apr-2010 Sonia Katyal <![CDATA[Hastings Law School panel/celebration]]> 12-Apr-2010 Sonia Katyal <![CDATA[Presentation, "Urban Communities and Climate Change," Environmental (Dis) Locations Conference]]> 8-Apr-2010 Sheila Foster <![CDATA[Clinic Professors Conference]]> 1-Apr-2010 Paul Radvany <![CDATA[Lecture at the University of Houston Law Center, Criminal Justice Institute]]> 29-Mar-2010 Deborah W. Denno Resweber and Beyond, at the University of Houston Law Center, Criminal Justice Institute, on March 29, 2010.]]> <![CDATA[Presentation]]> 27-Mar-2010 Sarah A. Jaramillo <![CDATA[Panelist, "Enforcing Rights for Globally Mobile Workers, "Convening on the Publication of the Binational Labor Justice Manual, Mexico City]]> 25-Mar-2010 Jennifer Gordon <![CDATA[Quoted in AP News]]> 24-Mar-2010 Alexandra D. Lahav <![CDATA[Property Outlaws Reviews and Reception]]> 24-Mar-2010 Sonia Katyal <![CDATA["Introducing the Altlaw: The Shepard Fairey Obama "Hope" Poster Controversy."]]> 24-Mar-2010 Sonia Katyal ]]> <![CDATA[The System That Divides China]]> 16-Mar-2010 Carl Minzner The System that Divides China, Los Angeles Times, March 16, 2010]]> <![CDATA[UCLA Law Presentation]]> 12-Mar-2010 Tanya Hernandez <![CDATA[Faculty Workshop at Cornell Law School]]> 12-Mar-2010 Deborah W. Denno <![CDATA[NYU Colloquium on Information Technology and Society]]> 11-Mar-2010 Joel Reidenberg <![CDATA[Trademark Intersectionality at Brooklyn Law School]]> 10-Mar-2010 Sonia Katyal <![CDATA[Panel at Syracuse University, S.I. Newhouse School of Public Communications]]> 5-Mar-2010 Deborah W. Denno Capital Coverage.  Talk presented at the S.I. Newhouse School of Public Communications, Syracuse University, Syracuse, New York ]]> <![CDATA[McDonald, District of Columbia v. Heller and the Second Amendment ]]> 5-Mar-2010 Nicholas Johnson <![CDATA[McDonald v. Chicago and the Second Amendment ]]> 5-Mar-2010 Nicholas Johnson <![CDATA[Property Outlaws at Touro Law School.]]> 3-Mar-2010 Sonia Katyal <![CDATA[Article Appearing in the New York Law Journal]]> 3-Mar-2010 Dora Galacatos <![CDATA[Intellectual Commons of Gender at Kramer Levin]]> 1-Mar-2010 Sonia Katyal <![CDATA[Property Outlaws at Cornell Law School]]> 26-Feb-2010 Sonia Katyal <![CDATA[NYU Presentation]]> 25-Feb-2010 Tanya Hernandez <![CDATA[Moderated Panel on American Indian Law at Stein Center]]> 24-Feb-2010 Sonia Katyal <![CDATA[University of Pennsylvania Workshop]]> 24-Feb-2010 Joel Reidenberg <![CDATA[Fan Fiction and Mashups st Copyright Society Luncheon]]> 24-Feb-2010 Sonia Katyal ]]> <![CDATA[Duke Presentation]]> 22-Feb-2010 Tanya Hernandez <![CDATA[Dissident Citizen at UCLA Law School]]> 19-Feb-2010 Sonia Katyal <![CDATA[Faculty Workshop at Florida State University School of Law]]> 18-Feb-2010 Deborah W. Denno Consciousness and Culpability in American Criminal Law. Talk presented at Florida State University of Law, Tallahassee, Florida]]> <![CDATA[Consciousness and Culpability in American Criminal Law]]> 18-Feb-2010 Deborah Denno <![CDATA[Panel on Importance of Clerking, FLS]]> 17-Feb-2010 Sonia Katyal <![CDATA[Presenter, "Transnational Labor Citizenship," Faculty Colloquium, Queen Mary University of London]]> 17-Feb-2010 Jennifer Gordon <![CDATA[Speaker, “Immigrant Organizing and Rights Enforcement: The Worker Center Model,” London Organizers Network Speaker Series, London, UK. ]]> 16-Feb-2010 Jennifer Gordon <![CDATA[Property Outlaws]]> 10-Feb-2010 Sonia Katyal <![CDATA[UPenn Presentation]]> 5-Feb-2010 Tanya Hernandez <![CDATA[Property Outlaws at University of Missouri Law School]]> 5-Feb-2010 Sonia Katyal ]]> <![CDATA[Presentation: Environmental Justice and Climate Change Policy]]> 5-Feb-2010 Sheila Foster <![CDATA[Property Outlaws at FLS Natural Law Colloquium]]> 4-Feb-2010 Sonia Katyal <![CDATA["The Transparent Citizen and the Rule of Law" at the University of Chicago]]> 4-Feb-2010 Joel Reidenberg <![CDATA[Brown Bag Presentation for Fordham Law Faculty]]> 2-Feb-2010 Sonia Katyal <![CDATA["The Transparent Citizen and the Rule of Law" at Harvard]]> 1-Feb-2010 Joel Reidenberg <![CDATA[Presentation to Chinese Guests Visiting the U.S. through the State Department]]> 27-Jan-2010 George W. Conk Prof. Fine introduced the U.S. legal system, and George Conk spoke on "The Judge's Duty: A Fair Trial".

<![CDATA[Workshop]]> 22-Jan-2010 Tanya Hernandez <![CDATA[AALS Litigation Section]]> 1-Jan-2010 Professor Michael W. Martin <![CDATA[Trademark Intersectionality, at the University of Virginia Law School]]> 16-Nov-2009 Sonia Katyal ]]> <![CDATA[Presentation at Buffalo Law School]]> 13-Nov-2009 Sonia Katyal ]]> <![CDATA[NYS Bar Assoc. SECURITIES ARBITRATION & MEDIATION 2009 (Panelist)]]> 12-Nov-2009 Constantine N. Katsoris <![CDATA[Symposium at Harvard Law School]]> 6-Nov-2009 Deborah W. Denno For Execution Methods Challenges, the Road to Abolition is Paved with Paradox at Harvard University on November 6, 2009, for the conference entitled  "Confronting Legal Injustice/Imagining Legal Justice", co-sponsored by the Charles Hamilton Houston Institute for Race and Justice, Amherst College's Charles Hamilton Houston Forum on Law and Social Justice, and NYU Press.]]> <![CDATA[Article published in San Diego Law Review]]> 6-Nov-2009 Joseph Perillo <![CDATA[“Community-Government Partnerships to Enforce Wage & Hour Laws,” NELP Conference on Minimum Wage Enforcement]]> 6-Nov-2009 Jennifer Gordon <![CDATA[Cooper-Walsh Symposium on "Empowered Cities: The Emergence of Cities as Autonomous Actors]]> 30-Oct-2009 Jennifer Gordon <![CDATA[“Restructuring Labor Migration,” Woodrow Wilson Center Conference on “Fixing a Broken Immigration System”]]> 23-Oct-2009 Jennifer Gordon <![CDATA[Presentation]]> 19-Oct-2009 Tanya Hernandez <![CDATA[“Transnational Labor Citizenship: Enforcing Labor Rights in a Context of High Levels of Migration” ]]> 25-Sep-2009 Jennifer Gordon <![CDATA[Panel Presentation]]> 24-Sep-2009 Susan Block-Lieb <![CDATA[Paper selected for Health Law Scholars Workshop – September 2009]]> 11-Sep-2009 Kimani Paul-Emile
  • Professor Paul-Emile’s paper, “A Theory of Law for Drug Control Policy” was selected for presentation at the Health Law Scholar’s Workshop co-sponsored by the American Association of Law, Medicine and Bioethics; and the St. Louis University School of Law Center for Health Law Studies.  The workshop was held from September 11-13, 2009 at St. Louis University School of Law.  
  • ]]>
    <![CDATA[Speaker Future Flow Programs and Transnational Labor Citizenship]]> 11-Sep-2009 Professor Jennifer Gordon <![CDATA[Fifth Annual Securities Arbitration Clinic Roundtable]]> 1-Jun-2009 Paul Radvany <![CDATA[Chinese Civil Society in Transition]]> 1-Jun-2009 Carl Minzner Chines Civil Society in Transition, 47 China Review 8, Summer 2009]]> <![CDATA[Back and Forth From Beijing]]> 29-May-2009 Carl Minzner]]> <![CDATA[Paper presentation at Law & Society Association Annual Conference – May 2009]]> 28-May-2009 Kimani Paul-Emile
  • Professor Paul-Emile presented her paper, “Making Sense of Drug Regulation” at the Annual meeting of the Law & Society Association held from May 28-31.
  • ]]>
    <![CDATA[Paper selected for Law & Society Association Junior Faculty Workshop - May 2009]]> 26-May-2009 Kimani Paul-Emile
  • Professor Paul-Emile’s paper, “Making Sense of Drug Regulation,” was selected for presentation at the Law & Society Association Junior Faculty Workshop, held from May 26-28, 2009 in Denver Colorado.
  • ]]>
    <![CDATA[Winning Approaches to Supervision and Teaching]]> 5-May-2009 Paul Radvany <![CDATA[Cited in New York Times Editorial]]> 3-May-2009 Jennifer Gordon <![CDATA[“Grappling with Dilemmas of Future Flow”]]> 1-May-2009 Jennifer Gordon <![CDATA[Quoted in Corporate Counsel]]> 1-May-2009 Jennifer Gordon <![CDATA[Quoted on]]> 30-Apr-2009 Howard M. Erichson <![CDATA[Paper selected for Stanford/Yale Junior Faculty Forum]]> 29-Apr-2009 Jeanne C. Fromer <![CDATA[Environmental Justice and the Constitution]]> 24-Apr-2009 Sheila Foster <![CDATA[Innovations in Teaching ADR Through Simulations]]> 21-Apr-2009 Paul Radvany <![CDATA[Innovations in Teaching ADR Through Simulations]]> 18-Apr-2009 Paul Radvany <![CDATA[Panelist at UALE Conference]]> 17-Apr-2009 Jennifer Gordon <![CDATA[Lunchtime Keynote Speaker]]> 17-Apr-2009 Sheila Foster <![CDATA[Lessons of Vioxx]]> 15-Apr-2009 George W. Conk <![CDATA[Symposium on Bankruptcy]]> 13-Apr-2009 Susan Block-Lieb <![CDATA[Article Published in the Huffington Post]]> 9-Apr-2009 Thane Rosenbaum <![CDATA[Local Government without Tiebout, 41 Urban L. 93 (2009)]]> 7-Apr-2009 Aaron Saiger <![CDATA[Panelist at Critical Race Theory at 20 Conference]]> 4-Apr-2009 Jennifer Gordon <![CDATA[Colloquium on Previous Convictions at Sentencing, University of Oxford]]> 3-Apr-2009 Youngjae Lee <![CDATA[Law & Order in China Today]]> 2-Apr-2009 George W. Conk <![CDATA[Bernard G. Segal Memorial Lecture in Law and Ethics]]> 1-Apr-2009 Russell Pearce <![CDATA[“Desert and the Eighth Amendment,” 11 University of Pennsylvania Journal of Constitutional Law 101 (2009)]]> 1-Apr-2009 Youngjae Lee <![CDATA[Conference on Overindebtedness -- Chemnitz University; Chemnitz, Germany]]> 26-Mar-2009 Susan Block-Lieb <![CDATA[Faculty Workshop at Cornell Law School]]> 26-Mar-2009 Jennifer Gordon <![CDATA[Cornell ILR Faculty Seminar Series]]> 26-Mar-2009 Jennifer Gordon <![CDATA[Federalist Society: Debate with Charles Fried regarding Federal Preemption]]> 26-Mar-2009 George W. Conk <![CDATA[Created mock criminal problem for Harvard Law School]]> 20-Mar-2009 Paul Radvany <![CDATA[Workshop on the Boundaries of Criminal Law, University of Warwick, UK]]> 20-Mar-2009 Youngjae Lee <![CDATA[The Layers of Obviousness in Patent Law as Edward D. Manzo Scholar in Patent Law at DePaul Law School]]> 20-Mar-2009 Jeanne C. Fromer <![CDATA[Article selected for publication in West's annual Intellectual Property Law Review]]> 19-Mar-2009 Jeanne C. Fromer <![CDATA[Interviewed by Reuters re charges against Madoff's accountant]]> 18-Mar-2009 Paul Radvany <![CDATA[Interviewed by regarding charges against Madoff's accountant]]> 18-Mar-2009 Paul Radvany <![CDATA[Panelist on Foxnews “Strategy Room”]]> 16-Mar-2009 Paul Radvany <![CDATA[Interviewed live about the Madoff case on the WABC]]> 12-Mar-2009 Paul Radvany <![CDATA[Interviewed by Fortune regarding Madoff scandal]]> 12-Mar-2009 Paul Radvany <![CDATA[Fourth Circuit Judges Workshop]]> 10-Mar-2009 Howard M. Erichson <![CDATA[ABC Show Tiempo interview on representation of immigrants]]> 10-Mar-2009 Gemma Solimene <![CDATA[Op-Ed in New York Times]]> 9-Mar-2009 Jennifer Gordon <![CDATA[Interviewed for documentary on jury service]]> 6-Mar-2009 Paul Radvany <![CDATA[Interviewed for story in Chronicle of Higher Education]]> 6-Mar-2009 Paul Radvany <![CDATA[U.S. News & World Report: Supreme Court Rejects Limits on Drug-Injury Lawsuits]]> 4-Mar-2009 Benjamin C. Zipursky <![CDATA[Interviewed by Dan Rather]]> 2-Mar-2009 Paul Radvany <![CDATA[Symposium on Bankruptcy Claims Trading and Securities Regulation]]> 27-Feb-2009 Susan Block-Lieb <![CDATA["Claiming Intellectual Property" at Columbia Law School]]> 24-Feb-2009 Jeanne C. Fromer <![CDATA[Panelist at Columbia Law School Roundtable]]> 21-Feb-2009 Jennifer Gordon <![CDATA[Colloquium on Mass Litigation and Settlement]]> 18-Feb-2009 Howard M. Erichson <![CDATA[Public and Private Law Perspectives: Transcript of Professor Howard Erichson]]> 12-Feb-2009 Howard M. Erichson <![CDATA[The Myths and Realities of Correctional Severity: Evidence from the National Corrections Reporting Program on Sentencing Practices]]> 6-Feb-2009 John Pfaff <![CDATA[It's the Media, Not Juveniles, Who Are Delinquent: A Panic About Names]]> 3-Feb-2009 John Pfaff <![CDATA[“Recidivism as Omission: A Relational Account,” 87 Texas Law Review 571 (2009)]]> 2-Feb-2009 Youngjae Lee <![CDATA[Vanderbilt Law School Conference on Settlements]]> 30-Jan-2009 Howard M. Erichson <![CDATA[Named Chair-Elect of the AALS Litigation Section]]> 30-Jan-2009 Michael W. Martin <![CDATA[ISA Annual Convention 2009, New York]]> 22-Jan-2009 Susan Block-Lieb <![CDATA[“Privatizing the City?: The Enabling Function of Local Government”]]> 12-Jan-2009 Sheila Foster <![CDATA[On air regarding Illinois Senate seat]]> 7-Jan-2009 Abner S. Greene <![CDATA[New Jersey Law Journal Editorial Board]]> 2-Jan-2009 George W. Conk <![CDATA[Quoted in "The Wall Street Journal" regarding Illinois Senate appointment]]> 30-Dec-2008 Abner S. Greene <![CDATA[Quoted in "The New York Times" regarding Illinois Senate appointment]]> 30-Dec-2008 Abner S. Greene <![CDATA[Wrote Article for]]> 15-Dec-2008 Paul Radvany <![CDATA[American Arbitration Principles and Practice]]> 15-Dec-2008 Constantine N. Katsoris <![CDATA[Alternatives to the High Cost of Litigation]]> 15-Dec-2008 Constantine N. Katsoris <![CDATA[Quoted in article]]> 13-Dec-2008 Paul Radvany <![CDATA[Security Arbitrators Do Not Grow On Trees]]> 12-Dec-2008 Constantine N. Katsoris <![CDATA[The Eighth Annual Albert A. DeStefano Lecture on Corporate, Securities & Financial Law]]> 12-Dec-2008 Constantine N. Katsoris <![CDATA[Quoted on "The Huffington Post" about Illinois governor Rod Blagojevich]]> 11-Dec-2008 Abner S. Greene <![CDATA[Reflections on the abolition of the death penalty in New Jersey]]> 11-Dec-2008 George W. Conk <![CDATA[Appointment - Advisory Committee on Professional Ethics]]> 10-Dec-2008 George W. Conk <![CDATA[Faculty Workshop at Rutgers]]> 8-Dec-2008 Jennifer Gordon <![CDATA[Bloomberg Radio Feature Piece on 10 Commandments Case]]> 6-Dec-2008 Abner S. Greene <![CDATA[Interviewed by USA Today for the December 1st Edition]]> 5-Dec-2008 James A. Cohen <![CDATA[NYU US-Asia Law Institute Delegation to China]]> 5-Dec-2008 George W. Conk
    With the NYU delegation he lectured on the repeal of the death penalty in New Jersey at the law schools of Sun Yat Sen University and S. China University of Science and Technology in Guangzhou and at Beijing Normal University School of Criminal Justice. 

    A weekend conference on the death penalty was held Dec. 12-14, co-sponsored by Beijing Normal and the Fashan District Prosecutor's Office. Conk's talk addressed the issue of arbitrariness in administration of the death penalty. 

    From December 5 - 20 he visited HUST - Central China University of Science and Technology Law School in Wuhan. There he delivered a lecture entitled “Bad Medicine: Mass Tort Claims in America.” He also spoke on repeal of the death penalty and participated in a faculty workshop on the proposed revisions of the State Compensation Law, which provides for recoveries by persons harmed by wrongful government conduct.  ]]>
    <![CDATA[Accepted for publication: "Claiming Intellectual Property"]]> 5-Dec-2008 Jeanne C. Fromer <![CDATA[Appearance on the Associated Press Television Show]]> 5-Dec-2008 James A. Cohen <![CDATA[Bloomberg Radio Interview on the recent Ten Commandments monument case]]> 4-Dec-2008 Abner S. Greene <![CDATA[Appointment to Second Circuit Advisory Committee on Rules]]> 4-Dec-2008 Daniel Capra <![CDATA[Appearance on CBS Local News]]> 3-Dec-2008 James A. Cohen <![CDATA[Interview on Wall Street Journal Radio]]> 2-Dec-2008 Elizabeth Maresca <![CDATA[Interviewed on WFAN 660 Sports Talk Radio]]> 2-Dec-2008 James A. Cohen <![CDATA[Interviewed by the Washington Independent for the November 24th Edition]]> 24-Nov-2008 James A. Cohen <![CDATA["Claiming Intellectual Property" at George Washington University Law School]]> 6-Nov-2008 Jeanne C. Fromer

    <![CDATA["Claiming Intellectual Property" at Brooklyn Law School]]> 5-Nov-2008 Jeanne C. Fromer <![CDATA[The Defense of Necessity and Powers of the Government]]> 30-Oct-2008 Youngjae Lee <![CDATA[Successful Strategies for Jury Trials]]> 24-Oct-2008 George W. Conk <![CDATA[Harvard Law School Conference on Citizenship]]> 18-Oct-2008 Jennifer Gordon <![CDATA[Columbia University]]> 6-Oct-2008 Jennifer Gordon <![CDATA[Protecting Public Health and the Environment by the Stroke of a Presidential Pen: Seven Executive Orders for the President’s First 100 Days]]> 4-Apr-2008 Sheila Foster <![CDATA[After Iraq War, Resist the Isolation Impulse]]> 19-Jun-2007 Carl Minzner]]> <![CDATA[Corruption in China: The Anger Boils Over]]> 29-May-2007 Carl Minzner]]> <![CDATA[The Rise of China and the Interests of the U.S.]]> 1-Apr-2007 Carl Minzner]]> <![CDATA[Social Instability in China, Causes, Consquences, and Implications]]> 1-Nov-2006 Carl Minzner]]> <![CDATA[OWS Trials Could Change the Way Police Do Business]]> Some experts say the trials could have a big impact on how police deal with protests in the future.

    Eugene O'Donnell is a professor of law and police science at John Jay College of Criminal Justice in New York City. He says although he thinks the NYPD does a world-class of job handling protests, those situations often lead to arrests made on shaky legal ground.

    O'Donnell says that means the department should keep a close eye on the Occupy Wall Street trials.

    "Making arrests is the starting part of the process," O'Donnell says. "What ultimately happens in court is the other side. And you really shouldn't be doing one without having a sense of what's happening on the other."

    O'Donnell says he wouldn't be surprised to see many more acquittals and dismissals.

    "Often the arrests are made because then and there there's a decision that they have to be. And, frankly, the legality or the strength of the cases can be secondary to the considerations of public order and public safety."

    Cheryl Bader is a professor of law at Fordham University. She's representing a handful of protesters in the cases. Bader says there could be big implications for police if a clear pattern of acquittals emerges.

    "Then the message will be taken that that kind of peaceful protest, even if it is somewhat disruptive of the normal flow everyday life, is supported," Bader says.

    Bader says she expects the trials to continue at least into the fall, with some cases already scheduled for September.

    <![CDATA[The Fisher v. Texas Oral Argument and a View of Affirmative Action from the Other Side of the Americas]]> Article written by Professor Tanya K. Hernandez, author of Racial Subordination in Latin America: The Role of the State, Customary Law, and the New Civil Rights Response (Cambridge University Press, 2012).

    The October 10, 2012, Supreme Court argument in the Fisher v. Texas affirmative action case marks a peculiar turning point in the racial history of the United States and its inspiration in worldwide civil rights movements.  Just as the United States Supreme Court reconsiders the constitutionality of race based affirmative action programs in higher education, Latin American countries such as Brazil are actively adopting nationwide affirmative action policies.  The Brazilian context can provide the Supreme Court with useful guidance in comprehending the continued importance of affirmative action in pursuing racial equality.

    Indeed, the affirmative action challenge to the University of Texas at Austin’s use of race in its undergraduate admissions decisions, makes a sharp contrast to the Brazilian Supreme Court’s unanimous endorsement of affirmative action just this past April when it declared that the Federal University of Brasilia’s affirmative action program was not only constitutional but an important duty and social responsibility of the nation-state in its enforcement of equality.  After this historic decision was issued, Brazilian legislators enacted the “Law of Social Quotas.”  As of August 29, 2012, the new law requires public universities to reserve half of all new admission spots for Brazilian public school students (many of whom are African-descendants).  In addition, the law requires that 50% of those spots be reserved for African-descendants and persons of indigenous ancestry in numbers proportional to their relative populations within each state.  Of the 81 senators representing Brazil’s 26 states, only one voted against the bill.

    In contrast to Brazil’s new broadly encompassing embrace of affirmative action, the United States Supreme Court is now considering a challenge to even the most meager of race-conscious considerations.  Most students at the University of Texas at Austin are admitted under a state law (the “Top Ten Percent Plan”), which requires the university to admit all Texas residents who rank in the top ten percent of their high school class.  For the remainder of the class, UT undertakes a holistic “whole-file” review of applications.  This process allows the school to consider additional criteria, such as essays, leadership qualities, extracurricular activities, awards, work experience, community service, family responsibilities, socio-economic status, languages spoken in the home, and—as of 2005—race.  It is this modest consideration of race alongside a host of other factors that is now at issue in the Supreme Court.

    What accounts for this divergence in national perspectives across the Americas?  In some respects the racial justice movement in the United States is a victim of its own past success.    While the formal mechanisms for addressing racial inequality have long been in place, there is a growing societal belief that it is no longer necessary for the government to be proactively engaged in ensuring racial equality. A racial hierarchy continues to exist alongside a deteriorated social commitment to race-based programs. The early U.S. civil rights movement was astonishingly successful at making the goal of racial equality a stated national norm and catalyzing government programs designed to provide concrete access to jobs and education. However, the movement’s very success contributes to the notion that blacks and other persons of color no longer require legal assistance in accessing equal opportunity. Indeed, President Obama’s election in 2008 is viewed as the culmination of U.S. racial transcendence, so that now the United States presents itself as “racially innocent ” in much the same way Latin America has long claimed to be because of its absence of official Jim Crow laws of racial segregation. At the same time, systemic racism has not been eradicated in the United States, as evidenced by the long-standing institutional racial disparities in employment, educational attainment, access to health care and capital, residential segregation, and disparate incarceration and execution rates.

    The approximately 150 million people of African descent in Latin America have long been plagued by similar experiences of systemic racism and social exclusion.  While African-descendants represent about one-third of the total population in Latin America they make up 40 percent of the poor and have been consistently marginalized and denigrated as undesirable elements of the society since the abolition of slavery.  Because Latin America is a region that has long claimed that all racial distinctions were abandoned with the abolition of slavery, a U.S. comparison to the Latin American racial democracy version of “postracialism ” is an instructive platform from which to assess the viability of contemporary assertions of postracialism in the United States – a rhetoric that contends that racism has already been largely transcended.   As the longtime scholar of comparative race relations Anani Dzidzienyo notes, examining the Latin American racial context “can provide insights for Afro-Americans who are today having to confront the mainstream’s assumptions concerning ‘the end of racism’ in a post–Civil Rights U.S. society.”   It should thus be quite instructive to observe that Brazil’s recent Supreme Court endorsement of race based affirmative action was rooted in the perception of the state as having a duty to guarantee the “conditions of equality” for groups that have historically lived on the margins of society, enabling them to fully exercise their human rights and fundamental rights.  If the United States wishes to maintain its historical role as an inspiration and model for other civil rights movements across the globe, the Supreme Court in today’s oral argument should also view the conditions of equality as paramount in the legitimacy of affirmative action.