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Tanya Hernandez
Professor of Law

Fordham University School of Law
140 West 62nd Street
New York, NY 10023
Telephone: 646-312-8786
Fax: 212-636-6899
Office: Room 420

Selected Publications:

    Latino Inter-Ethnic Employment Discrimination and the “Diversity” Defense, 42 HARVARD CIVIL RIGHTS CIVIL LIBERTIES LAW REVIEW (forthcoming Spring 2007)
  • Latino Anti-Black Violence in Los Angeles: Not “Made in the USA,” 13 HARVARD JOURNAL AFRICAN AMERICAN PUBLIC POLICY (forthcoming May 2007)
  • European Multiculturalism as Compared to Diversity in the United States: A View from the Employment Discrimination Context, in MULTICULTURALISMS: DIFFERENT MEANINGS AND PERSPECTIVES OF MULTICULTURALISM IN A GLOBAL WORLD (forthcoming book chapter from Stampfli Press, Barbara Pozzo, ed.)
  • Latinos at Work: When Color Discrimination Involves More Than Color, in HIERARCHIES OF COLOR: TRANSNATIONAL PERSPECTIVES ON THE SOCIAL AND CULTURAL SIGNIFICANCE OF SKIN COLOR (forthcoming book chapter from U.C. Berkeley Center for Race and Gender, Evelyn Nakano Glenn, ed.)
  • A Critical Race Feminism Empirical Research Project: Sexual Harassment & The Internal Complaints Black Box, 39 U.C. DAVIS L. REV. 1235-1303 (2006)
  • The Intersectionality of Lived Experience and Anti-Discrimination Empirical Research, in RIGHTS AND REALITIES 325-335 (Laura Beth Nielsen & Robert L. Nelson eds., 2005 American Bar Foundation & Kluwer Academic Publishing) (book chapter)
  • Sex in the [Foreign] City: Commodification and the Female Sex Tourist, in RETHINKING COMMODIFICATION: CASES AND READINGS IN LAW AND CULTURE 222-242 (Joan Williams & Martha Ertman eds., NYU Press 2005) (book chapter)
  • To Be Brown in Brazil: Education & Segregation Latin American Style, 29 N.Y.U. REV. L. & SOC. CHANGE 683-717 (2004-05)
  • Afro-Mexicans and the Chicano Movement: The Unknown Story – A Review of Ian F. Haney Lopez’s “Racism on Trial: The Chicano Fight for Justice,” 92 CAL. L. REV. 1537 (2004)
  • A Comparative Assessment of Racial Harassment in the Americas, 8 EMPLOYEE RIGHTS & EMPLOYMENT POLICY JOURNAL 169 (2004)
  • The Racism of Sexual Harassment, in DIRECTIONS IN SEXUAL HARASSMENT LAW 479-95 (Catharine MacKinnon & Reva Siegel eds., 2004 Yale Univ. Press) (book chapter)
  • La Buena Fe Legislativa y la Herencia Angloamericana, en TRATADO DE LA BUENA FE EN EL DERECHO, TOMO II, 327-335 (Marcos M. Córdoba, et al. eds., 2004) [Book chapter, Legislative Good Faith and Anglo-American Inheritance Law, in GOOD FAITH IN THE LAW TREATISE, vol. II (La Ley Argentina pub.)]
  • Comparative Judging of Civil Rights: A Transnational Critical Race Theory Approach, 63 LA. L. REV. 875 (2003)
  • “Too Black to Be Latino/a:” Blackness and Blacks as Foreigners in Latino Studies, 1 LATINO STUDIES 152-159 (2003)
  • Multiracial Matrix: The Role of Race Ideology in the Enforcement of Anti-Discrimination Laws, a United States – Latin America Comparison, 87 CORNELL LAW REVIEW 1093 (2002) (lead article of issue 5)
  • Judge A. Leon Higginbotham, Jr. as the Model of Scholarly Activism: The Lens of Racial History and Comparative Race Relations For Illuminating the Path to Racial Equality, 20 YALE LAW & POLICY REVIEW 331 (2002)
  • The Buena Vista Social Club: The Racial Politics of Nostalgia, in LATINA/O POPULAR CULTURE 61-72 (N.Y.U. Press 2002) (book chapter)
  • Sexual Harassment and Racial Disparity: The Mutual Construction of Race and Gender, 4 U. IOWA J. OF GENDER, RACE & JUSTICE 183 (2001) (reprinted in KATHARINE T. BARTLETT, ANGELA P. HARRIS, DEBORAH L. RHODE, GENDER AND LAW: THEORY, DOCTRINE, COMMENTARY 1205 (3d edition 2002)
  • An Exploration of the Efficacy of Class-Based Approaches to Racial Justice: The Cuban Context, 33 U.C. DAVIS L. REV. 1135 (2000)
  • The Property of Death, 60 U. PITT. L. REV. 971 (1999) (lead article of issue 4) (cited in DUKEMINIER & JOHANSON, WILLS, TRUSTS, AND ESTATES 406 (6th ed. 2000))
  • Multiracial Discourse: Racial Classifications in an Era of Color-Blind Jurisprudence, 57 MD. L. REV. 97 (1998) (reprinted in MIXED RACE AMERICA AND THE LAW: A READER 205-211 (Kevin Johnson ed., NYU Press 2002), and in JUAN F. PEREA & RICHARD DELGADO, RACE AND RACES: CASES AND RESOURCES FOR A DIVERSE AMERICA 69 (2000))
  • Construction of Race and Class Buffers in the Structure of Immigration Controls and Laws, 76 OR. L. REV. 731 (1997) (reprinted in TIMOTHY DAVIS ET AL., A READER ON RACE, CIVIL RIGHTS, AND AMERICAN LAW: A MULTIRACIAL APPROACH (2001))
  • Note, Bias Crime Statutes: The Struggle Against Unconscious Racism in the Prosecution of Racially-Motivated Violence, 99 YALE L.J. 845 (1990)