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Stanford University, First Annual Program on Chinese Law, presentation on Patent Enforcement Developments (May 7, 2011)
Fordham University, annual IP conference, presentation on Chinese patent enforcement developments (April 30, 2011).

Wuhan University of Finance and Economics, South Lake Conference on National IP Strategy, presentation on “China’s Patent Strategy” (April 24, 2011).

University of Oregon, “China’s Role in Regulating the Global Information Economy”, presentation on IP issues in cyberspace in China (April 8, 2011).

University of Washington, lecture series on “IP Issues in China” (two programs to date) (on-going).

USPTO, Industry Roundtable on Design and Utility Model Patents in China (March 29, 2011).

US Department of Commerce, “Navigating the New China” (March 23, 2011), presentation on “IPR Issues in China”.

University of California, Berkeley, “Beyond Piracy: Managing Patent Risks in the New China”, presentation on patent strategies for multinational companies (March 10, 2011).

Moderator and Discussant, “IPR Protection and Innovation in China”,  co-sponsored by American Chamber of Commerce, European Chamber of Commerce, U.S. Information Technology Office and Research and Development Pharmaceutical Association of China (Feb. 15, 2011).

Licensing Executives Society, Spring Meeting in San Jose, panelist on licensing in China (February 10, 2011).

Broadband Breakfast Series “Trends in Intellectual Property Protection in China” (February 8, 2011).

University of San Francisco/McCarthy Institute and Microsoft Corporation “Trademark Challenges in 2011”, presentation on “Developments in China” (February 3, 2011).

Moderator and Discussant, AmCham Beijing, “Roundtable on Patent Trends and Innovation” (Dec. 7, 2010).

Penn State University, “Microsoft, Intellectual Property and Patents in China” (November 17, 2010).

Moderator and Discussant, AmCham Beijing, “Innovation in China: Progress and Obstacles” (Oct. 29, 2010).

“Developments in Trademark Enforcement”, International Trademark Association Annual Meeting (May 25, 2010).

Atlantic Council, “Seeking a Path Forward on U.S.-China Trade and Investment – Intellectual Property” (May 4, 2010).

APEC – IP Experts Group, “Effective Implementation of Model Guidelines on Supply Chain Integrity was held in Hong Kong, China.” (January 2009).

Moderator, Peking University International Intellectual Property Center Inaugural Symposium (December 17, 2008).
Lecturer, APEC, “Supply Chain Integrity and Anticounterfeiting in China”, Hong Kong, January 8, 2009.

Lecturer, “Private and Public Rights and Intellectual Property in China”, and “Chinese Approaches to Intellectual Property”, Columbia University Law School and Columbia University/Weatherhead Institute (April 2008).

Organizer and Lecturer, U.S. Ambassador’s Roundtable on Intellectual Property Protection in China (2002 – 2007).

Lecturer, “U.S. Experience on Intellectual Property Development”,  symposium on “Implementing Intellectual Property Strategy and Developing Innovative Economy” (Beijing, Oct. 21, 2007).

Moderator and Discussant, AmCham Beijing, “Running a Low-Cost IPR Enforcement Program in China” (September 6, 2007).

Judicial Association of China, lectures on  “Preliminary Injunction Practice in China and the United States”, “Laches and Estoppel in U.S. Patent Litigation and Their Implications for China’s Patent Reform”, and “A Comparison of IPR Enforcement in the United States and China” , (Beijing, Guangzhou and Qingdao,  2007-2008).

Third Northeast Asia Economic Cooperation Forum, lecture on “Practical Suggestions for Understanding Differences Between IPR Enforcement in the U.S. and China”,  reprinted in: Third Northeast Asia Economic Cooperation Forum Collection (pp. 51 – 53) (Changchun, Sept 10, 2007).

“IPR Strategies for Local Corporate Security Officers”, presentation to Overseas Security Advisory Committee (Beijing, September 6, 2007) (similar program in Hong Kong in January 2008).
U.S.-China / Trade and Development Agency Training Program on Customs IPR Cooperation,  “The Importance of Bilateral Customs Cooperation” (August 29, 2007).

Security Industry Association Webinar, “IPR Developments in China of Concern to Security Industry” (August 9, 2007).

Corporate Executive Board Webinar, “Developments in IPR in China and Practical Strategies,” (July 30, 2007). 

Wilson International Center for Scholars, “Developments in Intellectual Property Rights in China” (Washington DC, July 12, 2007).

Organizer, Moderator and Speaker, “Developments in IPR Protection in China”, Interagency USG Training On IPR in China, (I was the originator of this training program for U.S. government officials, and have organized, moderated and spoken at it since its inception in 2005).
Council on Foreign Relations, “Roundtable on Innovation and Technological Entrepreneurship in Asia: Self-Reliant Innovation and International Controversies - The Future of Intellectual Property in China” (New York, June 2007).

International Investors Association, “A Comparison of the U.S. and Chinese IPR Enforcement Systems (Beijing, May 26 – 27, 2007).

China Brand Development Conference, "A U.S. Development Perspective Regarding Brand Development" (Chengdu, May 25, 2007).

U.S.-China High Technology Forum, “Developments in IPR in China” (Beijing, May 23, 2007).
Impact China 3 and  2: Pharmaceutical R&D in China , “U.S. Embassy Perspectives”  (Beijing, May 22, 2007 and May 23, 2006).

TAG Law Conference, “Developments in IPR in China” (Beijing, May 21, 2007).

BIO Annual Meeting,  “Developments in Biotechnology IPR in China” (Boston, May 1, 2007).

High Level Forum on Intellectual Property in China: “How to Protect IPR Rights in the U.S.”

Beijing University IPR Protection Conference with Asia Pacific Law Institute, “Prospects for IPR Protection in China” (Beijing, April 19, 2007).
Moderator, “The Role of Government in Fostering Innovation”, Global Forum on Intellectual Property Rights Protection (March 27 – 28, 2007). 

Industry Innovation and Issues Confronting the Pharmaceutical Industry on IP Enforcement, “Pharmaceutical Counterfeiting in China”, (sponsored by International Federation of Pharmaceutical Manufacturers Associations, Research and Development Pharmaceutical Association of China, USPTO, EPO and JPO) (Beijing, October 16-17, 2006)

Department of Commerce webinar, “The Future of China’s IPR Regime” (October 14, 2006).

Guangdong Seminar on IP Protection and Encouragement of Innovation, “Introduction to Traditional Knowledge, Genetic Resources and Folklore”, seminar on Traditional Knowledge, Genetic Resources and Folklore (sponsored by USPTO and SIPO) (Beijing June 5 – 6, 2006).

National IP Strategy Office Seminar For Domestic and Foreign IPR Experts, “U.S Experience with IPR Enforcement Institutions and Possible Lessons for China’s National IP Strategy,” (Beijing, February 27 – 28, 2006).

U.S. Council for International Business  (New York, Feb. 24, 2006).

2005 U.S. – China ICT Standards, Conformity Assessment and Regulations Seminar, “Intellectual Property in Standards and IP Core” (Chengdu, August 23 – 24, 2005).

Moderator/Co-Organizer, “How-To Seminar on Administrative and Judicial Enforcement of Copyright,” hosted by Beijing Municipal Bureau of Copyright, U.S. Embassy, U.S. copyright industry associations, (Beijing, June 27, 2005) (first of a series, subsequent programs in Shenzhen, Shanghai with different host agencies).

USPTO, “How to File A Criminal IPR Case in China,”  (Baltimore, Feb. 2005).

Semiconductor Industry Association and Ministry of Information Industries, “IP Protection – Encouraging Investment in Semiconductor R&D”  (Beijing, Nov. 16, 2004).

U.S. Department of Commerce, “Global Trends in Anticounterfeiting of Pharma Products” (Beijing, Sept. 24, 2004).

U.S.-China Business Council, “China Briefing” (Washington DC,  July 28, 2004).

U.S-China Intellectual Property Rights Symposium, “Trends in Criminal Intellectual Property Enforcement and the TRIPS Agreement”, (sponsored by the Supreme People’s Procuratorate, U.S. Department of Justice and USPTO) (October 20-28, 2003 Beijing, Shanghai and Guangzhou).

Videoconference on Criminal enforcement with Liaoning Provincial Government (2003).

BIO Annual Meeting, “China and the TRIPS Agreement,” (Washington DC, June 24, 2003).

Lectures delivered at  U.S.- China Intellectual Property Rights Enforcement Seminar, “China’s IPR Regime and the TRIPS Agreement” (cosponsored by Ministry of Commerce, State Intellectual Property Office, U.S. Department of Commerce and USPTO), (Chengdu and Wuhan, October 10 – 15, 2002), (Nanjing and Dalian, April 15 – 19 2002).

Lectures in Heilongjiang, Jilin, and Liaoning Provinces   “WTO and TRIPS Compliance”  (August 20 – 24, 2002).

Fordham Law School, Symposium – “Patent Law Developments in China” (New York, May 2002)

World Intellectual Property Organization Seminar on Technology Transfer for Small and Medium Enterprises, “Technology Transfer in China”, (Washington, DC 2001).

Washington International Trade Association, “United States Policy Towards China’s Intellectual Property Trade Practices” (Washington, DC 2001).

IBC Asia Limited, Symposium on Corporate Strategies for IPR Protection in China, Chair, "Intellectual Property Rights Protection in China", and lecturer “Non-Compete and Non-Disclosure Agreements In China and Under the WTO”  (Beijing, March 27 – 29, 2001).

EU/National Bureau of Asian Research - Beijing University joint seminar on Intellectual Property Law in China, “Foreign Misperceptions of China’s IP Laws,” (Beijing, May 6 - 8, 2000).

IBC Asia Limited Symposium on “Intellectual Property Rights Protection in China”, Chair and Lecturer (Shanghai, 1998).

IBC Asia Limited Symposium on "Intellectual Property Issues in Product Distribution." Chair and Lecturer (Guangzhou, 1997).