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Winning Legal Business from Mid-Cap Companies

Silvia Hodges in LawMarketing Blog, May 25, 2011

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by Larry Bodine

Register now to reserve your place for our June 9 Webinar, "Winning Legal Business from Mid-Cap Companies," presented by Apollo Web Seminars for Lawyers.

Our featured guest is Silvia Hodges, Ph.D. Professor of Marketing and Management at Fordham Law School. She has been teaching lawyers how market legal services at Fordham Law School and as a lecturer at Harvard Law School. She spent 4 years studying how mid-sized companies find and select law firms and just published a book on the topic: Winning legal Business from Medium-Sized Companies.

In the webinar, I will interview her on how to communicate, market and sell to these excellent, paying clients.  Many of the best clients of law firms of all sizes are closely-held, family owned, or regionally-operated mid-sized companies. They represent 99% of all business enterprises and collectively have tens of millions of employees.  They are global enterprises and account for a quarter of exports.

But medium-sized companies are different -- they don't have an internal legal department and typically lack legal expertise. They don't issue RFPs and will consider one or two law firms before making a choice. Often the CEO or the HR director will search for and choose the company law firm - not the purchasing or procurement department.

Among the topics Dr. Hodges will cover are:

•    The unique two-stage process that mid-size companies use to find a law firm and then select a lawyer.
•    Why many standard types of marketing - like branding and advertising - are a waste of money to reach mid-size companies.
•    The communications, marketing and selling techniques that are proven to work to reach the CEO or company executive who makes the hiring decision. A tip: they don't have to justify their decision so being a brand-name firm doesn't matter.
•    How to position yourself as a lawyer so that mid-cap companies will find you.
•    How modern Internet applications like blogs, Facebook and Twitter have become important. 85% of executives consider law firm websites important sources of information in their search for lawyers.

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